Wigged Out!: ‘DWTS’ Judge Reveals Why She’s Wearing Wigs This Season

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Dancing With The Stars may have noticed something different this season. Besides a whole new host, that is. While fans are still coming to terms with Tom Bergeron’s exit, they are happy the judges are back. Well, most of them. Len Goodman couldn’t travel to the U.S., so Derek Hough took his spot. Len chimes in via video camera from time-to-time. 

But fans quickly noticed something different about DWTS judge Carrie Ann Inaba. She has a different hair color each week. It turns out she’s wearing wigs, but the reason might surprise you. 

Carrie Ann Inaba Picks Out Special Wig For DWTS Disney Night

On the Monday, September 28 live show, DWTS viewers will be transported to the Wonderful World Of Disney. The tradition of Disney-theme dances continues on Season 29 of the dance competition. Many of the contestants are taking to their personal Instagrams to share their dance prep. 

Chrishell Stause is excited to get to be Cinderella for a night. You can read the rest of the themes here. 

Carrie Ann Inaba took to her Instagram to share a glam photo of her show prep. In the photo, the brunette is sporting a blonde wig and a gold dress. Behind her are several mannequin heads with wigs. The wigs vary in length and color. In the caption, the DWTS judge muses over which one to choose. She writes that “It’s gotta be special” for Disney Night. 



Fan Asks Why the Judge is Wigging Out This Season, Carrie Ann Inaba Responds

DWTS viewers are used to Carrie Ann Inaba wigging out.. If contestants do unsanctioned lifts in their routines. She typically sports her natural hair on the ABC hit show. However, this season, she is changing it up weekly with a new wig. And fans are curious why. 

The Inquisitr reports that a fan left a comment on Carrie Ann Inaba’s Instagram post asking just that: Why the wigs? Carrie Ann saw the comment and gave an answer. But it’s not the answer you’d expect! 

Surprisingly, it has NOTHING to do with the coronavirus or social distancing. Post-COVID, many stars on television have to do their own hair and makeup due to social distancing restrictions. In fact, actress Melody Thomas Scott gave The Young & The Restless fans something to talk about with her wig. 

However, that’s not why Carrie Ann Inaba is opting for wigs this season. She reveals that she was on medication that causes hair loss. While she didn’t experience hair loss, she was having other “negative side effects.” So, to be safe, Carrie Ann and the DWTS team decided months ago that she would wear wigs this season. 

She is no longer taking the medication, but chose to stick with the wig plan anyway. 

Fans may be surprised by the reason, but they absolutely love the wigs! One fan wrote that they hope she wears a blonde wig with hair like Tinker Belle during Disney Night. 

She left fans guessing over which wig she’ll wear for the live show. Dancing With The Stars airs Mondays on ABC. Disney Night is on Monday, September 28. 

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