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Farrah Abraham Concerns Followers With Her Latest Skin Treatment

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Farrah Abraham is making headlines once again. The Teen Mom alum recently underwent a skin treatment. As always, she documented the journey on Instagram. Some are concerned that she could ruin her skin. However, there were also concerned trolls who claimed that her skin would hang off her bones as a result.

The concern took place over the weekend. Farrah posted a clip of herself on Instagram getting a facial treatment. In the clip, she lip-synced along to Selena Gomez’s new single “Feel Me.” She tagged cosmetic Dr. Rahi Medical & Aesthetics, as one of the doctors applied a treatment onto her skin.

But followers thought the video was too much.

Former MTV star gets a facial

Farrah Abraham posted the video on Saturday, September 26. As per The Blast, Dr. Raheleh Sarbaziha treated her skin. The cosmetic doctor specializes in non-surgical treatments that make her patients look as if they got a facelift. Farrah was supposedly getting a facial contouring session, which is known as Forma.

The outlet states that the non-invasive radiofrequency treatment enhances the contours of the face and offers immediate results. The treatment costs a cool $600. Farrah shared the process of herself undergoing the Forma treatment. The doctor rubbed a heated wand up and down her face.

“Cheeky 💋 want you to feel me,” Farrah captioned her Instagram post. She also claimed that the Los Angeles office was one of her “favorite” places. But fans already had concerns about the treatment.

Farrah Abraham sparks concern among followers

Fans weren’t excited to see her skin treatment. Some of them claim that she’s gotten too much work done over the years. However, she was receiving a non-invasive treatment that’s good for the skin. That didn’t stop fans from worrying about her:

  • “What the hell is in her cheeks.”
  • “Her skin finna fall off from so much stuff she be doing to her face unnecessary [sic].”
  • “[Anyone] working on this woman needs their license revoked…its [sic] clearly evident she has severe body dismorphia [sic]…i wouldn’t let anyone who touched her anywhere near me.”
  • “Cheeks are a bit to high.😳😳”
  • “Be careful. Your face may harden up and fall off one of these days.”
  • “I fear her face is going to split.”

Of course, there were plenty of concerned trolls in the post as well. Some of them slammed Farrah for getting too much work done. Others accused her of getting too many filters. It’s no secret that Farrah attracts trolls in her Instagram posts.

Is the Forma treatment safe?

According to Dr. Rahi’s website, Forma tightens the skin through “the power of heat and radiofrequency flowing between electrodes to provide a comfortable experience.” It’s sometimes called a “lunch-time” procedure since it requires little downtime. This facial treatment not only tightens the skin, but it also improves elasticity. Despite what Farrah’s followers think, her skin won’t fall off.

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