‘Unexpected:’ Hailey Tomlinson Debuts New BF

Hailey Tomlinson, TLC Unexpected

On social media Saturday, Hailey Tomlinson shared a new photo. The Unexpected star appears to have a new man in her life.

TLC fans might better know Hailey Tomlinson as Hailey 1. She was dating Matthew Blevins and got pregnant with his baby. Later, while she was still with Matthew, he went on to date Hailey’s best friend, Hailey Tilford. On the show, Hailey Tilford became known as Hailey 2. It appears that both Haileys have gotten over Matthew.

On Saturday, Hailey 1’s new Instagram post seemed to introduce a new guy in her life. She posted a picture of herself and a guy standing in a parking lot together. She writes, “Me & Mine 🤞🏼❤️” His name is Darren, and he posted the same photo on his own Instagram page. He added a similar caption too, simply swapping the red heart for a blue one.

Unexpected fans weigh in

In response to Hailey 1’s new post featuring her boyfriend, fans are sharing their thoughts. Many of them seem to think he looks a lot like her ex, Matthew. One defended Darren and said, “Y’all saying this matthews twin 😫 this what Matthew THINK he look like.” Darren said that those are the “facts.”

A few think she should be focusing on raising her daughter instead of dating. From social media, it appears that Hailey 1 has been single for some time. So, maybe she’s ready for a relationship.

Nonetheless, plenty of fans are happy that she’s found a new man. They just hope that he treats her better than Matthew did.


Is Hailey Tomlinson still friends with Hailey Tilford?

Now, neither Hailey 1 nor Hailey 2 is dating Matthew, but they each have a child with him. Hailey 1 has an 18-month-old daughter, Kinsley. Hailey 2’s son Levi is almost six months old. Despite their rocky past and all the drama surrounding them and Matthew, they get along well now. Often, they post photos of Levi and Kinsley having playdates.

It doesn’t seem like either of them are in contact with Matthew. Hailey 2 has been open about all of the drama between herself and Matthew. He is refusing to claim Levi as his own child. So, now Hailey 2’s boyfriend Cole is stepping up.

On her Instagram stories, Hailey 2 gave her fans an opportunity to ask her questions. One asked, “Do you know Hailey’s new dude? Is he cool?” To this, Hailey replied, “I’ve met him once, he’s very sweet and the way Hailey and him look at each other makes me so happy for her.”

So, what do you think of Unexpected star Hailey Tomlinson’s new boyfriend? Leave a comment below.

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