Julie Chrisley Catches Heat On Instagram, Are Fans Confused About Lindsie?

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Julie Chrisley’s husband Todd is no stranger to the trolls of Instagram. But, she has significantly less followers than her husband. And, the trolls don’t usually come for her on social media. Things, however, seem to have changed recently. And, her followers? Well, they aren’t too happy with her most recent post. What has fans of Julie Chrisley in such a stir? Keep reading for the details.

Julie Chrisley wishes her girls a Happy Daughter’s Day.

As we previously reported, Julie Chrisley shared a beautiful tribute to both her daughter Savannah and her “bonus daughter” Chloe. The tribute was in honor of National Daughter’s Day. Julie, like her husband Todd, decided not to pay tribute to Lindsie. As those who are familiar with the family know, Lindsie is Todd’s estranged daughter. And, he often catches heat for his lack of relationship with her. But, now it seems like fans aren’t happy with Julie either.

“It’s so sad that [Lindsie] can’t be included in this tribute! I hope they can work out their differences some day!” One follower penned in a comment liked nearly 200 times. Similar to Todd’s tribute, the top comment on Julie’s was questioning the lack of a tribute to Lindsie.

Scrolling through the comments, others seemed to agree.

“I thought she was gonna say Lindsie as the other daughter!” Another echoed.

A third chimed in: “Love this but you ha e another daughter dont you. Even when upset and having differences never say someone is not your child. You dont have to say but your actions of no posting your other daughter says alot.”

“What about Lindsie?!” A fourth added.

Are Chrisley Knows Best fans confused?

Naturally, Julie Chrisley has a lot of supportive fans on Instagram. And, they were quick to share their thoughts on the heat she was catching. More specifically, however, some speculated those trolling the post were confused. Did they forget Lindsie technically isn’t even Julie’s kid?

When Julie married Todd Chrisley on May 25, 1996, he already had two children from a previous marriage. Kyle and Lindsie. So, technically, Julie would be Lindsie’s step mother. And, a lot of followers felt fans shouldn’t be coming after her so hard because Lindsie technically isn’t her daughter.


Other followers just took issue with people feeling the need to judge Julie and her family at all.

“Can we not judge this post? Y’all don’t know anything about their family’s private business. It was a nice post.” One follower begged.

A second agreed: “This is her page, and her heartfelt post. She can do as she sees fit.”

Unfortunately, Todd and Julie Chrisley tend to find themselves in a “d*mned if they do and d*mned if they don’t” situation when it comes to Lindsie. What do you think about her tribute to Savannah and Chloe?

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