Duggar Fans Love These New Pictures Of Baby Evelyn

Joy Duggar Forsyth, Counting On

Over the weekend, Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth spent some time with his family. Joy documented this special time on Instagram.

In her Instagram stories, Joy is sitting outside at the farm. Then, she talks about how perfect the weather is and says that she’s loving it. She and Evelyn, 1 month, are on the porch.

While Joy is on the porch with Evelyn, Austin is baling hay with his parents. She talks about how Gideon, 2, is on a ride in her buggy with Austin’s grandmother. Later, Joy shares a clip of Austin loading up the hay to be put away for the winter.

Once the family goes inside, Joy shares a quick video of the food they are preparing. They are enjoying this time with their family members on the Forsyth side.

On her Instagram page, Joy shared a few photos and videos of the family. When writing about these photos, Joy quotes her dad, Jim Bob Duggar. She writes, “Like my dad always says…’These are the best days of our life and we don’t even know it!'” Then, she adds that she loves her family.

A couple of the pictures are of Joy and Evelyn enjoying the outdoors. She also shared a video of her view outside. Joy shared another picture, featuring Austin’s dad with Evelyn.

The last addition to the post is a video of Gideon working on animal recognition. Austin asks him to give him a specific animal, and Gideon finds the card that matches and gives it to his dad. The family watches closely as Gideon correctly identifies each animal as asked.

Duggar fans gush over Evelyn

Even though Joy’s post features several photos and videos, fans are obsessing over Evelyn. They love the little one and like to see new pictures of her. They think the new photos of Evelyn are adorable. Fans are also talking about how happy Joy looks as a mom. They think she looks tired, but they know she’s excited to raise her two young children.


So far, Duggar fans think that Evelyn looks a lot like Austin. They don’t really see Joy in Evelyn yet. Fans think that Gideon still looks like Austin too. After seeing pictures of Austin’s dad, fans agree that the Forsyth genes are very prominent. One fan writes, “The Forsyth’s definitely have some strong genes!😂 Both kids are soo Austin and then Austin looks just like his dad!

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