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Why Didn’t Todd Chrisley Tribute Chloe On National Daughter’s Day?

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Technically, one could argue that Todd Chrisley has three daughters. He, however, only wished one of them a Happy National Daughter’s Day.

Now, there is a lot of drama between Todd and Lindsie Chrisley. Moreover, some fans wonder if he’s even allowed to mention her on social media. So, for the most part, not wishing her a Happy Daughter’s Day is understandable. But, some fans couldn’t help but notice Chloe was also missing from the tribute. Was there a reason why his “bonus daughter” wasn’t included? This question certainly has Chrisley Knows Best fans in a stir.

What about Chloe?

Now, this all started when one fan encouraged Todd Chrisley to be the bigger person. “You as a father should acknowledge your other daughter as well, yes even if you are estranged at the moment, be the bigger person, you know she’s needs your love as well.” The individual penned in a very popular comment on Todd’s post. The comment was liked nearly 700 times. And, it had almost 100 comments. Everyone seemed to have an opinion on the subject.

Some, however, were not too interested in discussing Lindsie. Instead, they wanted to know why Chloe was missing. After all, Todd has been pretty adamant about considering her to be a bonus daughter. Moreover, Chase, Grayson, and Savannah all consider Chloe to be their sister.

There has even been some controversy surrounding Chloe referring to Julie and Todd as her mother and father. Some fans feel the relationship might confuse Chloe. But, Todd and Julie did take over to serve as parents for Chloe when their son was unable to do so.

Some fans insist Todd Chrisley is her grandfather.

“Technically Chloe would count as a bonus daughter too. Since he is her guardian.” One individual penned in response to the popular comment. Many other followers, however, were quick to shut the topic down. They reminded that Todd is technically Chloe’s grandfather. So, it didn’t make sense for him to pay tribute to her.

One individual chimed in: “But that still his granddaughter and savanna is his daughter.”

Like the comments about Lindsie, Todd Chrisley has not responded to any of the questions about Chloe. And, he did make it clear recently he does read his Instagram comments. So, if he had anything to say about it, he probably would have said it by now.

His wife Julie, however, DID wish both Savannah and Chloe a Happy National Daughter’s Day.

The question is… Why do you think he didn’t mention Chloe? Is Savannah is favorite daughter? Sound off in the comments.

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