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Savannah Chrisley: ‘Perfect’ & ‘Beautiful’ Girl On Instagram Isn’t Real

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Savannah Chrisley of Chrisley Knows Best admits that her social media followers and fans see her a certain way. Perfect. Beautiful. Sweet. The girl who has everything she wants. But, as it turns out, that perfect and beautiful girl is just a mask. It’s a social media persona. That perfect and beautiful girl is what she wanted people to see. So, it is how she portrayed herself on social media. But, that isn’t who she is. And, she thinks it is time for people to know the truth.

Savannah Chrisley teases VLOG, wants to use her platform for something good.

Savannah Chrisley posted a video on Instagram a few days ago teasing that she would be releasing a VLOG. The VLOG promises to be a raw and candid piece. A piece that fans of the Chrisley family won’t want to miss.

She opens up the teaser video noting that everyone looks at Savannah and calls her this pretty and perfect girl who has everything. She explains that people see that because that is what she had chosen to show people.

The blonde beauty proceeded to discuss social media. She said it was a place that could “bring you to the top.” But, it could also be a very dark and cruel place that brought you to the lowest of lows.

“I am ready to use social media for something that is real, and something that is lasting.” She explained in the caption.

For years, I felt like my body was failing me. I felt self-conscious, scared, and isolated throughout this journey, even with the constant and unwavering support of my family, and that is because what was happening wasn’t happening to all of us. It was happening to me. I don’t wish that loneliness upon anyone. I want you to know that you are not alone.”

Her followers react to this raw and candid side of her.

Things have been pretty emotional for Savannah Chrisley as of late. She recently ended a long term and serious relationship. A relationship most people thought was going to end in marriage. And, she did this shortly after having surgery because of her endometriosis.

Now, her Instagram followers are thrilled to see her get so raw and real with them. And, those who also suffer from the same condition, find the content super relatable. Moreover, they are happy she is shinning a spotlight on a condition a lot of people know nothing about.

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You’ve all been wondering…so here it is: Oh how I wish this smile was on my face and that infectious laugh was spewing out of my body right now…but sadly it’s not. Nic and I have decided to call it quits. There’s no hatred between the two of us…and in all honesty…that makes saying goodbye even harder. We have nothing but love, respect, and admiration for one another but it’s time for us to move forward individually. These past 3 years have been some of the best years of my life…but I have to trust that God has a far greater purpose for my life…I believe that He will take this hardship and make something beautiful out of it. Now please be kind with this news that I am sharing…

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In fact, here’s what some of her followers have had to say.

  • “You are so beautiful on the inside out! It’s so easy to tell, thank you being so strong and sharing this!”
  • “I am also struggling with health issues. It is isolating and depressing.”
  • “Thank you so much for being so open about this. So many of us have felt this same loneliness because no one can truly understand Endometriosis unless they have it themselves. It is NOT just a bad period and it is not just a pelvic disease. The neglect of education and research leaves us even more isolated. Sending you so much love and prayers.”

Savannah Chrisley’s VLOG drops around 5/4 central time later today. Will you be watching it?

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