‘OutDaughtered’ Fan Makes Interesting Prediction For Danielle Busby

Danielle Busby

OutDaughtered dad, Adam Bubsy shared a photo of the girls all making beaded lanyards for their masks. The family stayed inside because of Tropical Storm Beta and the kids played with their craft sets. Fans agreed that it sounded like a fun way to keep the girls entertained. But now, Danielle shared the outcome of that. And, one fan made an interesting prediction for her.

OutDaughtered mom Danielle gives feedback on craft

Danielle took her Instagram and shared a photo of herself sitting at a workspace. And, guess who finished up making those beaded lanyards? Yep, Danielle! She captioned it with, “The thing about doing crafts with six kids is…Mama always ends up “making” the six crafts, or at least finishing [them].🤪💕” Well, it seems plenty of other moms go through the same problem. The kids start something, then lose interest and mom completes the project.

One OutDaughterd fan empathized. They commented, “That’s me when we get a puzzle the kids are always excited 10 minutes later they’re done but they always come back when there’s only five pieces left😂.” And another fan noted, “Have done a lot of things like this. 💞💞💞.” Other moms know that their own kids get easily distracted and sometimes the half-started craft projects end up ignored at the back of the playroom. But, one TLC fan made a very interesting observation.

Interesting prediction from a mom of six

One fan also raised six children. She noted that they now reached the ages of “22, 20, 18, 16, 14 and 11.” The fan told Danielle she should “enjoy it while it lasts.” These days of finishing up crafts for the kids eventually “come to an end.” Danielle’s fan found it easier going than Danielle Busby as each child followed the other through the milestones and stages of their lives So, she let go of the younger years slowly. Whereas, it “will come quickly” for Danielle.

It might seem obvious in retrospect, but did you ever give that much thought? After all, for the OutDaughtered family, pretty much every milestone takes place at the same time. The kids potty trained around the same time. They mostly learned to swim at the same time. They went off to school at the same time, bar Blayke. So, in years to come, Blayke will start high school, and then all the kids start there at once. Plus, after Blayke moves to college, the next milestone will see all the OutDaughtered quints leaving the nest at about the same time.


Empty nest for Danielle

Most parents struggle when their kids take the next big step and go off to college. But for Danielle, the possibility exists that the quints do that at the same time. In fact, she possibly experiences similar emotions as parents of an only child. Grown & Flown reports that only-child parents probably feel the empty nest syndrome more than those with multiple kids of different ages. Like only-child families, Danielle might also take it a bit harder.

Luckily, that remains years and years away. But, time flies. After all, if OutDaugtered matches Little People, Big World in seasons, fans might actually see the quints fly the nest.

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