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‘My 600-lb Life’: Coliesa McMillian Passed Away in Hospital

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There is more sad news in the world of My 600-Lb Life. Coliesa McMillian has passed away after some time in hospital.

The Hollywood Gossip says she was 41 at the time of her death. Her family is grieving at this time and asks for privacy at this time. Fans of the reality TV personality are also in mourning, remembering the struggle she faced during her journey. She’d only been on the program just a few months ago, with many rooting for her success.

Looking Back At Coliesa McMillian’s Difficult Life

McMillian never had an easy life. It all started with her husband being arrested. After that, she left him and moved her family to Louisianna, where she met her fiance. Sadly, he died in a car accident, and the only way McMillian could cope with the loss was through food. Food is a comfort that many people turn to, but it led to McMillian’s weight increasing to 634lbs.

Shortly before her fiance’s death, she suffered a heart attack. Surgery wasn’t possible due to her size at the time as there were some serious risks. However, that didn’t stop her eating, especially after her fiance died. She just needed to be able to cope.

While on My 600-Lb Life, McMillian admitted that her obesity would likely kill her. It was this realization that led to her seeking professional help, which led to the show. She wanted to be around for her children. They were all that mattered to her in the end.

It’s certainly a sad end to this journey. Her time on My 600-Lb Life wasn’t easy, but she did manage to lose enough weight for the gastric band surgery. By the end of the episode, Dr. Now was happy with the progress and said that McMillian was continuing to work hard. However, he had mentioned earlier in the episode that if she had another heart attack, there would be nothing anybody could do for her due to her weight.

Not the First My 600-Lb Life Death in Recent Years

Sadly, the TV series that highlights many people’s struggles with their weight hasn’t had a lot of positive press in recent months. There have been many contestants filing lawsuits against the producers of the series. The cases are still ongoing.

Previous cast members have also died in recent years, with Lisa Fleming dying at the age of 50 and James L.B. Bonner committing suicide around the same time. Bonner’s suicide led to the family suing the production team for gross negligence. In the spring of 2020, James King died at the age of 49. Recently, TV Shows Ace looked back at the seven cast members who have passed away since the series began.

Not everyone is able to lose the weight Dr. Now asks for. Much of it is psychological, as cast members need to get to the root of their relationship with food. However, it’s always sad to hear of a passing, especially when the cast members tried so hard to make changes.

May they all rest in peace.


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