Why Is Hulu Apologizing On Social Media? Here’s What Happened

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Hulu taking to all of their social media platforms and apologizing last night has a lot of subscribers confused. What happened? Why is Hulu apologizing? Moreover, wouldn’t the apology hold more water if they explained what they were apologizing for?

If Hulu did something they needed to apologize for… Why is it not all over the headlines? After all, Netflix makes headlines every single time they make people angry.

So, what happened? Why is Hulu apologizing?

When in doubt the best place to turn for answers is social media. People are vicious on social media. And, as it turns out, Hulu received a great deal of backlash yesterday. Why? Well, because of the trial Breonna Taylor’s name was trending on social media yesterday. And, Hulu recently released a documentary about Breonna Taylor.

According to screenshots shared by frustrated subscribers, Hulu attempted to piggy back on the trending of Breonna Taylor’s name. And, they tried to use the trend to promote their documentary. To get more people to subscribe. And, just to get current subscribers to check it out.

Many subscribers thought it was in poor taste for Hulu to use the trend to try to improve their ratings and/or increase number of subscribers. And, they were quick to let the streaming giant have it in the comments.

Some subscribers are CONFUSED by the apology.

Now, some Hulu subscribers who happen to follow the streaming giant on Instagram woke up very confused this morning. One of the first things they see on their feeds is Hulu apologizing. But, why is Hulu apologizing? What happened? Unfortunately, the apology wasn’t that specific.

Earlier today, we promoted content that we felt would be meaningful in light of today’s events. That was, quite simply, the wrong call. We’ve taken the posts down and are deeply sorry. Thank you for holding us accountable – we will learn from this.”

Hulu explained they were apologizing for promoting content that people believed was inappropriate. But, they didn’t explain what the content was.

So, the apology was a little confusing to subscribers who had no idea what it was talking about. And, those who did understand the apology had pretty mixed feelings. Some were annoyed Hulu was not more specific with what they were apologizing for. And, they questioned their accountability because of it. Others didn’t think Hulu had anything to apologize for.

Subscribers react to Hulu apologizing for what happened.

  • “I don’t understand what is wrong about a Breonna Taylor documentary ad. We want this woman’s story to be told and want it to be heard by as many people that will listen. This is not a taboo subject by any means.”
  • “Part of being accountable is acknowledging what happened. And explaining why it was wrong. You should rewrite this post with more specificity so you don’t have hundreds of comments that say ‘what happened?'”


  • “Thank you for not taking the easy way out. And this is how we all get better – by learning from one another.”
  • “If you hadn’t posted about the documentary, I might not have known it was even up. I just finished watching it and it was incredibly powerful and important. You’ll never please everyone, just stand up for what’s right.”

For the most part, the reactions were a mix of those who had no idea what was going on. And, those who really didn’t think Hulu did anything wrong. There were, however, a few who appreciated the apology.

Subscribers on Twitter were just as upset.

A quick scroll through Twitter reveals a lot more frustration from subscribers. Twitter also makes it easier for those reacting to the apology to include pictures and screenshots.


So, now that you know what happened, do you think Hulu did the right thing in apologizing? Sound off in the comments.

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