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Todd Chrisley BEGS Fans To Leave Savannah & Nic Kerdiles Alone

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Todd Chrisley, his wife Julie, and his daughter Savannah have briefly touched on the end of Savannah’s relationship with Nic Kerdiles during their Chrisley Confessions podcast both this week and last week.

The podcast airs new episodes each week.

A new episode of Chrisley Confessions drops every Wednesday. Each episode is typically between 50 and 60 minutes in length. The podcast is always a combination of the Chrisley family discussing current topics. And, advertising a few different products. Julie, however, likes to reassure their followers that she doesn’t promote products she hasn’t used and approved of. She isn’t interested in pushing products that won’t work off on their fans. And, her fans certainly appreciate it. 

Last week, Todd Chrisley kicked off Chrisley Confessions by jumping right into the topic of Nic Kerdiles and Savannah breaking up. Todd was quick to explain that he only just recently learned of the breakup. Savannah posting about the end of the relationship on Instagram was the first he had heard of it. So, he wasn’t really able to answer fan questions about the breakup. After all, it wasn’t HIS relationship. All he could do was be there to support his daughter and whatever she decided. And, this is just what he was doing.

Todd Chrisley is sick of the Instagram drama.

It’s been just over a week since Savannah Chrisley and Nic Kerdiles broke up. The duo explain that it was a mutual decision. Savannah double downed on this week’s podcast that she and Nic had no hatred toward each other. The relationship was just over.

During last week’s podcast, Todd admitted he was sick of reading all the theories on why Savannah and Nic broke up. In fact, he insisted people really just needed to leave Nic and his daughter alone. They needed time to heal without fans getting in the way.

Speaking to Julie, Todd noted that he’s sick of reading people tell Nic he needs to find a woman who shares his values. “H*e, what values do you know he’s got?” Todd insisted. As we previously reported, Todd insists the truth lies within his family. And, fans and trolls on the outside have no idea what values Savannah and Nic have. So, they have no way of knowing what kind of woman Nic needs. Moreover, they have no way of knowing that Nic and Savannah didn’t share the same values.

The relationship didn’t work. Fans don’t need to know why. And, they may never know why. It’s that simple.

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