‘Love Island’: Mackenzie & Connor Reconnect Outside The Villa

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Making it work. Former Love Island contestants Mackenzie Dipman and Connor Trott have met outside of the villa. This comes after both islanders were sent packing after two recouplings took place. Mackenzie left on the Friday, September 18th episode, while Connor left earlier this week.

When Mackenzie left, Connor declared his feelings for her. In a previous interview with Entertainment Tonight, Mackenzie said she was holding out hope that Connor would leave the villa single. Her wish came true when he was sent home packing on the Monday, September 21st episode. Love Island fans have learned the couple reconnected. And, they want to make their love work.

Mackenzie meets Connor at the airport

Former Love Island contestant Mackenzie took to her Instagram Stories to document her journey with Connor. The pair have since reconnected. Connor touched down and met Mackenzie at her hometown in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In one photo, Mackenzie and Connor hold hands through the airport as she holds her beloved teddy bear, Gus. Connor also brought along his stuffed buddy named July. They agreed to call her “Jules” for short. In the post, Mackenzie exclaimed their “family is growing!”

Then there was a tender moment between the two. Mackenzie and Connor were seen hugging upon their meeting. She wrote in the caption, “My heart is full.” It’s obvious that there’s still a connection between the two.

love island mackenzie instagram stories
[Screenshot from Mackenzie’s Instagram stories]
love island mackenzie instagram stories
[Screenshot from Mackenzie’s Instagram Stories]
love island mackenzie instagram stories
[Screenshot from Mackenzie’s Instagram Stories]

Love Island contestant is in love with Mackenzie

Just days before, Connor revealed to Entertainment Tonight that he has fallen hard for Mackenzie. On Monday’s episode, he left the villa. But that didn’t bother him. The Pittsburgh native said he’s looking for love outside the show.

“Where my head is at right now is definitely to try and see Mackenzie,” the Love Island alum revealed. “I was able to give her a little Facetime after directly after leaving, so I think she has the same feelings as me. So I’m going to go home for a day or two, and hopefully go out to see her in Arizona.”


Connor is “very hopeful” that he and Mackenzie will “grow” a relationship outside the Las Vegas villa. As fans know, their relationship was barely on stable ground. But Connor feels that it’ll be “easier for us in the way that we both left this experience.” Now, the couple has had some ups and downs. But, Connor thinks they are moving in the right direction.

Connor feels like the “happiest man alive”

The recent college graduate Facetimed Mackenzie immediately upon leaving Love Island. He made it clear that he wanted to explore their relationship outside the real world. He told Mackenzie that she makes him the “happiest man alive.” The model must’ve been happy to get that call.

She previously told ET that she’s hopeful for a future with Connor. The blonde beauty wants to see where their relationship will take them outside of the villa. Like Connor, she feels confident that they’re both ready for a future together. Mackenzie thinks they’ve grown enough to work on themselves and their relationship. Here’s hoping their love will work out.

Love Island airs Thursday night, September 24 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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