‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans Are Calling Out Lance Bass. Why?

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Vanderpump Rules stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are expecting a baby! Many fans and celebrity fans offered their congratulations on the news. NSYNC member Lance Bass was one of them. As fans know, Lance is BFFs with Lisa Vanderpump. Through that connection, he became friends with Jax and Brittany.

In fact, Lance officiated their 2019 wedding after their previous pastor was fired. Some of that drama played out during Season 8, with Tom Sandoval calling Jax out for ignoring the pastor’s homophobia. 

The situation ultimately ruined Sandoval and Jax’s friendship. In June, Jax ran into some trouble with his friendship with Lance Bass, too. 

Lance Bass Said Bye Bye Bye to Drink Mixer Partnership With Jax

In May of 2020, Lance Bass and Jax Taylor released a joint venture. Just Add X is a flavored drink mixer. The product’s name spells JAX. However, Jax’s connection with the partnership was short-lived. In June, Bravo took action against four Vanderpump Rules stars’ past racially insensitive behavior. Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni were all let go. 

However, fans – and some former Pump Rules stars – spoke out, encouraging Bravo to fire Jax Taylor, too. 

Reportedly, Jax made transphobic comments toward SUR host Billie Lee. He also engaged in Twitter wars with fans, questioning their sexuality. Additionally, a 90 Day Fiance star accused Jax of making racially insensitive comments about her husband. 

While Bravo never took action against Jax, Lance Bass and the Just Add X brand cut ties with Jax. At the time, Lance Bass thought Bravo would fire Jax due to public backlash. However, that never happened. 

For his part, Jax denied ending the partnership. 

The Pump Rules star does have one person in his corner – ex-girlfriend Stassi Schroeder. She said recently that she doesn’t want to see Jax – or any of her other friends – fired. 

I Want You Back: NSYNC Singer Congratulates Former Friend On Baby News

Apparently, there are no hard feelings between Lance and Jax over the Just Add X drama. At least, not on Lance’s part. After Jax and Brittany made their news Instagram official, Lance offered his congratulations in the comment section. 

However, Jax never responded, but he rarely does. At least on Instagram. Jax is very active on Twitter, chatting back and forth with his followers. 

Fans Aren’t Having It, Call Out Lance’s Hypocrisy

In general, fan reaction to Jax and Brittany’s baby news is mixed. Some fans think Jax isn’t mature enough to be a father, despite being over 40. They joke that Brittany will have TWO babies now. But more than that, fans were not happy with Lance’s wishy-washy behavior. 

While fans didn’t comment about it on Jax or Brittany’s posts, they did elsewhere! Bravo fan page @commentsbybravo captures and shares comments made by Bravoholics. On September 23, they shared a screengrab of some of the Pump Rules universe congratulating Jax and Brittany. Lance’s comment was included in the screengrab. 



A few people took to the comments to express their displeasure at Lance’s about-face. One fan wrote, “Wasn’t Lance Bass just calling for Jax to be axed..?!” 

Another fan commented, “So Lance likes them [Jax and Brittany] again?”

Credit: Comments By Bravo Instagram
Credit: Comments By Bravo Instagram

Those comments were nice compared to the fan who wrote, “FU Lance Bass.” 

While it seems Lance and Jax buried the hatchet, he likely won’t be asked to be the baby’s godfather! 

Jax and Brittany’s baby is due in April 2021. They will find out if they are having a boy or girl this Sunday during a gender reveal party. Follow us on social media for the latest TV news!

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