New Relationship Reality Show ‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ Heads For TLC

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If you enjoyed watching sMothered, you are really going to love the new relationship reality TV series titled I Love a Mama’s Boy coming to TLC. Just as the name suggests, I Love a Mama’s Boy is really just the opposite of sMothered. Instead of a mother having a strong relationship with her mother, the series is about boyfriends and their intense relationships with their loving mothers. I Love a Mama’s Boy is shaping up to be a cringeworthy train wreck that TLC viewers are going to have a hard time looking away from.

Thanks to an exclusive report by E! News, we have a lot of details on the upcoming show that is basically just sMothered with a too close for comfort mother and son relationship. Keep reading for everything we know about TLC’s newest series.

What will I Love a Mama’s Boy be about exactly?

If you ever thought the train wreck that is 90 Day Fiancé’s Colt and Debbie should have their own spin-off… This might be a show you are really going to enjoy! One key difference being Colt and Debbie don’t exactly have a perfect mother and son relationship.

TLC describes the series I Love a Mama’s Boy (ILAMB for short) as: “the only thing standing between a couple’s true love is a very different kind of ‘other woman.’ These guys are spoiled, coddled and spoon-fed—in some cases quite literally—by their overbearing mothers, sending their relationships into serious romantic crisis. Follow four young women as they compete for the affection of their significant others with some VERY significant mothers!”

The bizarre reality series will follow the story of four different “love triangles.”

Stephanie (25), Mike (25), and mom Liz (49)

Stephanie and Mike have been dating for a little while now. They recently decided to take their relationship to the next level. So? They are moving in together! Stephanie is THRILLED to take this next step with Mike. But, there is a small hiccup…

Her boyfriend is a HUGE mama’s boy. And, it seems as if his mother Liz is happy to weight on her son hand and foot. Stephanie, however, isn’t interested in taking over for Liz.

Viewers will see Stephanie struggle to get on Liz’s good side. And, Stephanie feels the pressure. After all, she assumes being in mama Liz’s good graces is the only way to have a future with Mike. And, in the promo, viewers see one of her friends admit that must be a huge amount of stress to be under.

Kim (25), Matt (28), and mom Kelly (56)

Kim and her boyfriend Matt are serious enough to be living together. But, there’s a problem. They live together in his mother’s house. And, living with Kelly is making it impossible for them to be intimate.

Fortunately, the couple aren’t planning on staying in Kelly’s house. They are making plans to get a house of their own. But, this presents ANOTHER problem. The house? It is right behind Kelly’s house. So, Kim is escaping Kelly’s roof but not her shadow. Can she get close to Matt with his smothering mother nearby?

Justina (26), Jason (28), and mom Annette (49)

Justina is preparing to get married to Jason. But, his overbearing mother Annette has other plans. Namely, she wants to plan the wedding of her dreams instead. Unfortunately, this puts the mama boy in a sticky situation.

Does he side with the woman he is going to marry? Or, does he side with his mother who he loves deeply? Will Justina get to have the wedding she wants? Or, will Annette make all of the decisions?

Emily (24), Shekeb (30), and mom Laila (61)

For Emily and Shekeb, it was love at first sight. They had a powerful and instant connection. There, however, have been a lot of roadblocks in their relationships. And, the roadblocks have a name. Shekeb’s mother Laila.

Turns out, there are a lot of cultural and religion differences between the I Love a Mama’s Boy lovebirds. And, Laila just can’t wrap her head around the relationship working because of it.

Making things more complicated, Emily encourages Shekeb to move away from his mother. So, they can get closer. But, he isn’t sure he’s ready. And, he doesn’t want to upset his mother.

Will Emily and Shekeb work? Or, is his mother going to get in the way.

Does I Love a Mama’s Boy have a premiere date yet?

Howard Lee, President and General Manager of TLC, believes the series is just another way to keep things spicy for their viewers.

From outrageous family dynamics and culture clashes to jaw-dropping mother-son rituals, we know viewers will go crazy for this fresh new love and relationship series.”

Watch the trailer below and see what you think of the upcoming series.

Fortunately, we aren’t going to have to wait too long to see this train wreck of a new series. I Love a Mama’s Boy does have a premiere date of next month.

Tune in to I Love a Mama’s Boy on Sunday, Oct. 25 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. And, don’t forget to let us know if you plan on checking this new series out!

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