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‘Big Brother’ All Stars Spoilers: Da’Vonne Is Blind To Being Played, Comprises Ridiculous Plan

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The drama is heating up on Big Brother All Stars. Sunday fans saw Memphis Garrett put Da’Vonne Rogers and Kevin Campbell on the block. Of course, Da’Vonne thinks this is all David Alexander’s fault for supposedly flipping the vote to evict Ian. She still hasn’t figured out that David is one of the only ones being honest with her. Now, as the week edges closer to Thursday, big things are happening in the house. And, Da’Vonne is doing everything she can to make the votes go in her favor.

Da’Vonne refuses to believe David

This pretty lady is not ready to throw in the towel just yet. However, little does she know she is being duped by the people in the house she thinks she can trust. GoldDerby shared all the details of what went down on live feeds.

Da’Vonne found out through the grapevine, aka Christmas Abbott, that it is her they are trying to evict on Thursday. She has zero clue that Dani Briones and Nicole Franzel are her two worst enemies in the game. Kevin Campbell even makes the suggestion again that perhaps it is Nicole who flipped their vote. Da’Vonne refuses to entertain the idea and says there is no way Nicole would do that to her again. And, she even said Nicole has not lied to her at all this season. If she does go home Thursday, what will she think when she learns the truth?

She still adamantly won’t believe David. So, she seeks another opinion and heads to Nicole’s bestie Dani. Of course, Dani isn’t about to blow the cover of the Committee. So, she goes along with Da’Vonne and says there is no way it was Nicole. Here comes the fun part.

Her crazy plan to try and sway the votes

Da’Vonne decided she would lie to David and tell him she believes him. Of course everyone knows this is not true at all. She thinks if David will vote to keep her she can lie to him and say she will help him target Nicole. Her big plan is to tell David Nicole framed him. This is the actual truth, but Da’Vonne has no idea that it is. Dani agrees to go along with the ridiculous plan. However, Nicole does not like this plan and tells Dani to stop her.

The plan will not work. Even if David votes for her, which why should he at this point, the other guys won’t vote for her. And, she has no clue the two girls she trusts are not voting in her favor either, even though they claim they are.

So, Nicole is still stressing over Da’Vonne eventually finding out the truth. Christmas told Nicole to chill and wait to tell Da’Vonne during her goodbye message.

Wow! Big drama going down this week in the house! Who do you think will be evicted? What will Da’Vonne say when she learns the truth?

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.


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