‘Below Deck Med’ Fans Think Bravo Is Using Kate To Drag Hannah & Kiko

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Kate Chastain caused a stir with Below Deck Med fans. They’re not liking her new show, Watch With Kate. On the series, the Below Deck alum gives her take on Season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean.

It Below Deck’s answer to 90 Day Fiance: Pillowtalk on TLC. Since Kate served as chief stew for six seasons on the original series, she has an idea as to how yachting works. Each week, she shares her thoughts on the drama in the Med. The shows are said to feature her sarcastic sense of humor and cunning commentary.

However, fans feel that Bravo only hired her to slam Hannah Ferrier and chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran under the bus.

Below Deck Med fans don’t want to watch with Kate

On Tuesday, September 22, the official Below Deck Instagram account posted a clip of Kate Chastain from Watch With Kate. In the clip, she talks about one of the most explosive episodes so far on Below Deck Med. The caption reads: “She’s already won us over! Watch #BelowDeckMed with @Kate_Chastain for all the nautical puns your heart desires TONIGHT W 9/8c!” But fans didn’t find the clip or the episode happy.

  • “No one wants to hear your side shady comments.”
  • “The more you drink, the sunnier (and gabbier) your disposition. Not a good look on you.”
  • “Nah, I’ll still pass.”
  • “No, not interested!!! It’s an old episode and I don’t need anyone to explain it for me!”
  • “Watched last week and Joan Rivers you are not.”

Most fans aren’t interested in Watch With Kate. Some of them think it’s Bravo’s way of increasing the ratings for Below Deck Med Season 5. Others don’t understand why Kate left Below Deck for this show. They think she was better off as a chief stewardess rather than a TV commentor.


Fans accuse Bravo of using Kate to slam Kiko and Hannah

Watch With Kate doesn’t play the Below Deck Med episodes in order. Instead, it plays the most dramatic episodes and feature’s Kate commentary. Below Deck Med fans on Twitter slammed Bravo for creating the show in the first. They think they network her to drag Hannah and Kiko under the bus.

  • “Soooooo…Kate has obviously been told by Bravo to side against Hannah and with Malia and Sandy, in her commentary. Its soooooo obvious.”
  • “So Kate doesn’t find it just a bit too convenient that Tom just happened to be coming to the ship the same day Kiko got fired?”
  • “So this #WatchWithKate show seems to just be Kate bashing @hannahferrier_ for an hour as her speech becomes increasingly slurred. And Bravo is pro paying her an obscene amt of $ to do it. Unbelievable.”
  • “Kate has beef w/Hannah beyond this Kiko situation, that is absolutely clear.”
  • “Is it just me…or is Kate, like, extra bitter lately? She just seems to hate everyone and this is really not fun to watch.”

As Below Deck Med fans remember, Kate and Hannah don’t get along. The two yachties were best friends. But Kate revealed in an interview with Andy Cohen that she found out that Hannah allegedly talked about her behind her back. But Hannah has never said anything publicly about their friendship.

Below Deck Med airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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