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‘Love Island’ Alum Mackenzie Wants Connor To Call Her After Show Ends

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Mackenzie Dipman’s time on Love Island is over. But she’s still holding out hope for a reconnection with Connor Trott. Mackenzie revealed that she wants him to give her a call if he comes out of the villa single. Last week, fans were happy to see Mackenzie go home.

Connor and Mackenzie were dramatic from the beginning. He couldn’t figure out his feelings, while she felt insecure in their relationship. Fans were tired of the constant drama between them. Now, Connor is coupled up with Moira, and Mackenzie is out of the villa.

But she still has hope for them.

Mackenzie is hopeful for a future with Connor

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, the blonde beauty said she believes in love after Love Island. Mackenzie hopes that Connor will end up single. She spoke with ET’s Ash Crossan on her exit from Love Island on Thursday night. Mackenzie admits she felt betrayed by Connor and Moira’s recoupling since she was close to both of them. But she still has an interest in seeing Connor in the real world.

“I definitely think if Connor comes out single then I would love to get his phone number and to talk and to really see if we have a real shot at this,” Mackenzie said before adding, “At least I just miss my best friend. Do I hope he’ll come out single? Yeah. But I also just want what’s best for him and whatever makes him happy.”

No matter what happened with Connor, Mackenzie is happy with how her time on the show came to an end. She has no regrets. Mackenzie called her Love Island experience “very full” and “very exciting.” Of course, she misses her friends back at the villa but she liked how her journey ended.

Does Connor still have feelings for Mackenzie?

The Love Island contestant revealed that she heard from Justine that Connor still has feelings for her. But he always “tried to play it cool” whenever the two talked. So, obviously, Mackenzie was confused about Connor’s feelings for her. She was surprised to see him cry before she left the villa.

“We both realized we had to work on ourselves as individuals before we had to work on ourselves as a couple,” Mackenzie explained. “Because I do think there were elements of our relationship that were amazing and I do think that in the real world we could have a good relationship.”

The reality star explained that she and Connor weren’t ready for a real-world relationship. They had to use the show to work on themselves as a couple. She has a strong feeling that she won’t “meet another man like Connor” ever again. Before she left the villa, Connor revealed that he’s in love with her.

Love Island contesant found Mr. Right

Mackenzie thinks he wanted to recouple with her. But he assumed their time in the villa was limited, which is why he recoupled with Moira. She understands that he had to do what he had to do to find love. In the meantime, Mackenzie will hold out hope that Connor leaves the villa single so they can pick up with they left off.

In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, Mackenzie answered fan questions. Not only did she reiterate that she wants to date Connor outside of the villa, but she also feels that she met Mr. Right. Despite what happened between Moira and Mackenzie, she said that they grew close. She would love to reconnect outside of the show.

But for Mackenzie, the best thing she’s gained from the experience is self-love.

Love Island airs Monday, September 21 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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