Did Nic Kerdiles Just Shade Savannah Chrisley On Instagram?

Nic Kerdiles Instagram

We know Nic Kerdiles and Savannah Chrisley split up recently. The two exchanged very sweet Instagram posts about each other. So, it certainly seemed like they ended things on positive terms. Or, at least that is the picture they wanted to give to the media and to their fans. But, are they really happy about breaking up?

Fans aren’t so sure if Nic Kerdiles is happy with the way things ended. In fact, some think he just threw a little subtle shade at Savannah on his Instagram Stories. Keep reading and see if you think he just threw some shade at Savannah.

Nic Kerdiles throws subtle shade at Savannah on Instagram Stories

The big downside to Instagram Stories is they expire after 24 hours. However, that is plenty of time to grab a screenshot or screen record if a reality TV star posts something interesting. And, that is just what we did when Nic Kerdiles took to his Instagram Stories yesterday.

Nic Kerdiles was all smiles as he was chilling with is gorgeous chocolate brown dog. But, it was the caption of the snaps that had some wonder if he was throwing a little subtle shade at Savannah Chrisley after the breakup.

“He won’t leave my side!” Nic penned in the caption of one photo with his pup planted right beside him. In a second photo, Nic admitted that it was good to see the canine. “Always puts a smile on my face.”

Now, some fans can’t help but wonder if this was a slight dig at Savannah Chrisley. Did she promise to always be by his side? Is he suggesting the dog is more loving than his ex?

Nic Kerdiles Instagram

Unfortunately, fans can’t really ask direct questions about these snaps because they have expired from his Instagram Stories. But, that isn’t stopping them from flooding his most recent Instagram post with comments about the breakup.

Fans encourage him to be strong, the right woman will come along.

The chatter in the comments of Nic Kerdiles’ Instagram is pretty mixed. Some are quick to throw shade at Savannah and her family for breaking Nic’s heart. Others are defending Savannah. These individuals insist we have no idea what happened or why the relationship ended. And, they are right. Savannah and Nic will probably never explain exactly why the relationship came to an end. But, that hasn’t stopped fans from spreading rumors and theories all over social media. And, some of them are pretty wild.

Still, most of those following Nic’s Instagram have encouraged him to be strong. And, to lean on the Lord for support. They believe his faith and the Lord will put him on the path toward his soul mate soon enough.


So, do you think the post about his dog being loyal was a dig at Savannah Chrisley? Are you sad that they broke up? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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