‘Dancing With The Stars’: Who Deserves To Go Home First?

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Dancing With The Stars fans are notoriously opinionated. After a thrilling premiere on September 14, fans are now debating which contestants they believe should face elimination.

If you didn’t catch the season premiere last week, we wrote a recap for you. Last week’s performances are also available on the show’s YouTube channel, so you can watch and form your own opinions.

Right now, Skai Jackson and partner Alan Bersten, and Justina Machado and partner Sasha Farber are tied for first with 21 points. Carole Baskin and partner Pasha Pashkov are trailing far behind at 11 points. There are a wide range of talent and abilities in between.

However, one general consensus seems clear: fans emphatically wish they could send Tyra home and bring back Tom Bergeron instead.

If you glance through the comment section on any Instagram post, these feelings are in abundance. But some believe fans still need to give Tyra a chance.

“Omg guys stop complaining about Tyra or just dont watch the show! Yall have done nothing but drag this on all season long and we just wanna enjoy our favorite show during a year that’s just filt with drama and chaos,” wrote one Instagram user

Some agreed with this comment, while others buckled down and argued they think Tyra should go. But even former host Tom Bergeron thinks people are being too harsh with Tyra.

But anyone familiar with the Dancing With The Stars format knows fans don’t get to vote out the host. So then, which contestant do they think should leave?

Is Dancing With The Stars Getting Desperate For Talent?

According to the comments sections, Carole Baskin may be on her way out soon. Many fans feel that DWTS introduced her as a way to boost ratings. They even saved her performance for the very last to keep people watching. However, her routine did not go over well with fans.

Dancing With The Stars posted a photo of Carole and Pasha in rehearsal this week. Fans did not hold back.


“Pasha blink twice if you need help,” said one fan.

“She’s not even a celebrity. Why the heck would they pick her to dance on the show? Are they getting desperate and put anyone on,” said another.

According to inside sources, apparently the show is indeed getting a little desperate. A few months ago, we learned DWTS execs brought Tyra onboard to help attract some new celebrity talent, but that hasn’t been going according to plan.

Sources told the Naughty But Nice podcast, “Tyra implied she could call all her famous friends and get them to join the show, but so far it is not happening.”

If DWTS execs aren’t impressed with Tyra Banks’s ability to deliver, fans may get their wish after all.

So how do you feel about this season of Dancing With The Stars so far? Be sure to let us know. Tune in to see the next exciting episode tomorrow night. Who do you think will stay and who will go?

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