‘Bachelorette’ Ali Fedotowsky Is House-Hunting For Her Family – Where Is She Moving?

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The Bachelorette alum Ali Fedotowsky-Manno is planning a big life change! The television correspondent is moving her family of four out of L.A. As fans know, Ali is married to Kevin Manno. The couple share two children, 4-year-old Molly, and two-year-old Riley. 

Over the summer, Fedotowsky opened up about her recent miscarriage. The couple may try for more children in the future, but the only thing they are planning right now is a big move. 

Ali Fedotwosky Jokingly Asks If She Looks ‘Mature’ or ‘Responsible’ Enough to Buy a Home

Believe it or not, it’s been TEN YEARS since Ali Fedotwosky was looking for love on ABC’s The Bachelorette. While she found love with contestant Roberto Martinez on the show, they broke up shortly afterward. 

The blonde beauty married Kevin Manno in 2017. They recently put their L.A. home on the market. Earlier this month, Fedotsowky posted a cute photo with her hubby. In the caption, she asked if they look “like two mature responsible adults that you’d want to sell a home to?” 

She further revealed that they were off to look at homes in Laguna Niguel and Manhattan Beach. 



Former The Bachelorette’s Family is Living in Manhattan Beach For Now 

So, did the couple find a house by the beach? 

The Daily Mail reported earlier this week that the Mannos are living in a rental in Manhattan Beach, California. Additionally, they plan to rent out their L.A. home if it doesn’t sell. But if the Manhattan Beach home is a rental, where are they looking to buy?

Ali Fedotowsky House-Hunting in These Two Locations

On September 21, Fedotowsky shared a sweet photo of her saying goodbye to her kids (and dog.) She wrote in the caption that she’s off to Tennessee to look at houses for the family. She’s looking for the “place we are going to place roots for our kiddos and where @kevinmanno and I can grow old together.” 

She shares that it will be the first time she’s left her kids in a year. Needless to say, it was an emotional farewell for all of them. A hashtag included in the caption reveals where in TN she is looking – #nashville. 

The cheerful reality star ended the lengthy post on a positive note. She wrote that she is, “Hopeful that today is the beginning of something beautiful for our family.”



Many followers and Bachelor Nation stars took to the comments with encouragement. Fellow The Bachelorette alum Jillian Harris had a suggestion: “Come up to Canada!!!!”

One fan commented that TN doesn’t have beaches, harking back to Fedotowsky’s earlier post mentioning the beach. In the post earlier this month, she wrote, “And if I’m going to live by the beach, I needed the perfect beach waves.”

But another fan pointed out that TN DOES have beaches. 

The Daily Mail notes that the Mannos are also considering San Diego in their search for the perfect family home. 

Do you think TN would be too cold for this Cali girl? Follow us on social media and chime in your thoughts! 

Bachelor Nation fans are anxiously awaiting the new seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. 

Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette debuts on ABC on October 13. The show will be on Tuesdays this season due to Dancing With The Stars airing on Mondays. 

The Bachelor with Matt James will premiere in 2021. 

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