Kristen Doute Accuses Bravo Of Sexism & Double Standards

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Former Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute is finally giving words to what Bravo fans have noticed for years. The network’s double standard when it comes to tolerating bad behavior. Most notably, that of her co-star, and friend, Jax Taylor. 

Kristen Calls Out Bravo For Double Standard on Vanderpump Rules

In June, Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute were among several Pump Rules stars let go from their Bravo gigs. The network was cleaning house of racially insensitive behavior. Kristen now says that she wasn’t fired, exactly. Nor did she call the cops on Pump Rules co-star Faith Stowers, exactly. 

Regardless of what Kristen did or didn’t do, some fans feel that Jax Taylor has done much, much worse. On September 19, Kristen took to her Instagram feed to share a photo from Lala Kent’s gender reveal party. 

Credit: Kristen Doute Instagram
Credit: Kristen Doute Instagram

One fan took to the comments to ask Kristen why Bravo has such a double standard when it comes to her behavior versus Jax’s behavior. Surprisingly, Kristen actually responded to the fan. With just one word, she sums up the reason: “SEXISM.” 

Credit: Kristen Doute Instagram
Credit: Kristen Doute Instagram

While a few fans agree with her assessment, others said it was inappropriate to ‘ruin’ Lala’s happy moment. 

Fan Compares Kristen’s SUR Firing to Jax ‘Cussing Out’ Lisa Vanderpump 

The original comment was made by IG user @xotayaxo. They came back to the comment section to respond to Kristen. The fan pointed out the double standard when Kristen was fired from her SUR job back in Season 3. 

They wrote, “Kristen was fired for cussing out a manager but Jax went into a rage and cussed out the entire staff including LVP [Lisa Vanderpump] and he wasn’t even suspended.”

Jax has actually had several blow-ups with Lisa Vanderpump during the show’s eight seasons. In fact, in the final episode of Season 8, she scolded him for referring to Pump Rules as his show. 

Following Kristen and Stassi’s firing, many fans were begging Bravo to fire Jax Taylor, too. While Andy Cohen promised more firings, nothing ever came of it. 

He’s Making You Crazy Recounts Jax Getting Off Scot-Free After Cheating Scandal

The above-mentioned incident isn’t the only time Jax has gone unpunished. As fans know, the Pump Rules co-stars had an affair during the show’s early seasons. At the time, she was dating his best friend, Tom Sandoval. Jax was trying to woo back Stassi. 

Days before her June firing, Kristen’s book He’s Making You Crazy came out. In light of her firing, the publisher stopped promoting the book. However, it is still for sale at bookstores. 

In the book, the james mae designer doesn’t name names, but the chapter about her hook-up with Jax is quite clear. She muses over why Jax didn’t get nearly as much backlash from fans and co-stars as she did. In fact, many of the Pump Rules stars shunned Kristen but stayed friends with Jax. 

Even though it wasn’t the first – or last – time Jax cheated on someone close to him. Ironically, Kristen was fired, in part, for reporting Faith Stowers to the police for a crime Faith didn’t commit. The incident happened during a time when Jax and Brittany Cartwright were working through Jax being unfaithful with Faith. 

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Bravo has yet to announce when or if there will be another season of Vanderpump Rules. 

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