Hazel Busby Eye Exam Update: Is The ‘OutDaughtered’ Quint Alright?

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OutDaughtered fans are always looking for the latest update on Hazel Busby’s current eye health. Fortunately, via the It’s A Buzz World Instagram account, we got an update from Danielle Busby recently. Turns out, Hazel Busby had another quick trip to the eye doctor. And, if you missed the update via Instagram, we’ve got the details for you down below!

Hazel Busby recently had an eye exam, both her parents went with her.

Now, we reported that Hazel Busby took a trip to the eye doctor with both of her parents last month. Turns out, it wasn’t a major appointment. Just a standard check-up. A little like a routine physical. But, just for the eyes. Hazel even enjoyed a nice treat with mommy and daddy afterwards. And, fans really enjoyed watching a glowing Hazel enjoy a big bowl of chili.

A month has passed since that check-up. And, Hazel has returned to the eye doctor once more. This time, based on social media, it appears as if she’s going solo with mama Busby.

Naturally, OutDaughtered fans grow a little concerned any time they learn of a medical appointment one of the quints goes on. This is especially true for Hazel and eye doctors because she has an eye condition called nystagmus. This condition actually caused Hazel to have eye surgery. And, there is a concern she’ll need surgery again one day.


Adam and Danielle Busby have been very candid about their daughter’s condition on Instagram. In fact, they admit they have no idea what her future will hold for her in regard to her eye health. And, they’ve heard it all from people familiar with the condition.

We have heard it all; from being considered legally blind and not being able to drive a car, to just needing glasses and may struggle to focus and everything in between. We are so thankful for her amazing attitude and how she takes every difficulty in stride. Here is to hoping that one day, a doctor somewhere can crack the code on this.”

Danielle provides update on eye exam.

Initially, fans did not have much of an update on her eye heath when she had the check-up a month ago. That changed, however, with an Instagram post made by the family just 24 hours ago. Danielle explains that they returned to the eye doctor. But, there was no cause for concern. The check-up from a month ago went really well. Hazel just needed some small adjustments made to her current prescription.

“Hazel basil gettin her new lenses today! Her eye checkup a few weeks ago went great, just a minor adjustment to her.” Danielle proceeded to explain.


For now, Hazel Busby is rocking the same frames. But, she does have a fresh pair of lenses! And, fans are just relieved to learn things are alright with one of their favorite little quints.

So, are you happy getting this latest update about Hazel Busby’s eye health? Do you think she looks cute in her glasses? Sound off in the comments.

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