Danielle Busby Shares Fun Photo Of Her ‘Monkeys’ In The Mudroom

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Danielle Busby of OutDaughtered took to Instagram yesterday to share a fun photo featuring some of her quints. Being that the photo of the quints was taken from the back and upside down… It was a little difficult to tell which quints were featured. It, however, was clear that it was three of them enjoying the mudroom.

Danielle Busby jests this isn’t why they built the mudroom.

The photo Danielle Busby shared just one day ago featured three of the quints with their hands on the bench and their feet planted on the wall across from the bench. The three little quints were using the strength of their hands and feet to hold themselves up. Which is pretty impressive!

The photo also gave fans a pretty nice view of the mudroom. It has a gorgeous busy floor pattern. Most of the mudroom features a clean black and white design. Each of the girls have their own cubby inside of the mudroom. And, each cubby is marked with the girls names via an adorable black cursive nameplate. Each cubby has two hooks for jackets and coats.

Each cubby features a section of bench for the girls to sit on. And, there is an empty space under the bench that would be perfect for shoe storage. It also appears as if there is some shelving space up above the nameplates as well. But, that shelving might be a little too high for the quints to reach. But, still useful to mom and dad!

In the caption, Danielle Busby jests: “This is exactly what we built a mudroom for.” She concluded the caption with a few hashtags that referred to her girls as “little monkeys.”

OutDaughtered fans enjoyed the goofy photo.

Fans of the TLC series love getting this constant window into the lives of Adam and Danielle Busby. And, chances are pretty good this photo is just a glimpse of the wild and crazy things six growing girls do all day. Blayke is likely a little less wild than her five younger sisters.

But, it is safe to assume things are pretty crazy around the Busby house right now anyway. After all, we know they have several extra houseguests. And, they even enrolled four of their nieces into Blayke’s school. So, it’s safe to assume they are sticking around for a while.


At a loss for words, many followers of Adam and Danielle Busby left nothing more than laughing so hard you cry emojis in the comments.

So, did you think the photo of the little monkeys was cute? Sound off in the comments down below with your thoughts.

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