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‘OutDaughtered’: Adam Busby Expresses Raw Emotion Over Hurricane Laura

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OutDaughtered fans heard from Danielle Busby that as hurricane Laura approached Houston Texas, Adam was out of town. They hunkered down and rode out the storm safely. But now, Adam expressed raw emotion around that day and the devastation the hurricane left in Louisiana.

OutDaughtered – Adam and Danielle help out wth Lake Charles relief efforts

We reported that Adam’s family and friends experienced a lot of damage during the hurricane. Since then, they called for donations to assist those in need. In a series of Instagram posts, the couple shared photos revealing generous donations dropped off at Danielle’s sister’s hair salon. The stuff gets moved up to Louisiana where people in need pick up vital supplies. This week, the TLC couple engaged with the kids’ elementary school where they continued their effort.

Initially, after the hurricane ended, mainstream media covered the situation in Lake Charles. But, fewer news articles cover the devastation these days. And Adam from OutDaughtered grows increasingly frustrated. According to a report by 7 KPLC, one of the few outlets who report on it, “damage assessments are still underway.” That report emerged on September 16. Adam talked about the lack of media coverage on Friday.

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Less than 24 hours before #hurricaneLaura made landfall, the path of the storm was headed straight for Houston. I was away from my girls. I was in a panic, trying to get back home from some meetings in Kentucky. I couldn’t help but be moved by this sight as @zakkshanephoto and I were walking though a home that was completely ravaged by the unbelievably powerful winds of this storm. This could have been a scene from my home, hadn’t the storm made the turn east during my long day of tying to get home to Houston. It could’ve been my family who is home was completely destroyed. My town left without tower and running water, now I’m going on a month. My children whose school is destroyed and no clear idea I have when they can go back.. Almost a month post hurricane Laura and Lake Charles still looks like the scene of a war zone. Small businesses decimated, leaving owners fearful of losing everything they have worked their whole lives to build. Families relocated to hotels in distant cities because there is nothing to return home to. Media silence…

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Adam Bubsy feels frustrated – expresses raw emotion

In his Instagram post, Adam shared a graphic photo of some damage from the hurricane. He talked about how he rushed back home as the storm approached Houston. But for a change in the direction, he thinks about how that damaged home could have been his. And, he thinks about the potential danger his own family faced. Adam wrote, “Almost a month post-hurricane Laura and Lake Charles still looks like the scene of a war zone.” He added, “Small businesses decimated, leaving owners fearful of losing everything.”

The OutDaughtered dad also remembered those who still live in “hotels in distant cities.” With everything devastated, they lost everything. And, in many cases, there’s nothing left back home. Actually, people lost business and homes and livelihoods after years spent building. Now, it seems the media stopped caring. Adam ended his post with, “Media silence..”

Adam angry but the Mayor seemingly played it down

If you watch the video above, the Mayor of Lake Charles almost sounded like he played things down. He noted that it’s just a question of “picking up the pieces.” He mentioned that the lack of a “storm surge” didn’t do as much damage as anticipated. But three weeks later, people still struggle. In fact, according to Adam, for many of them, there are no pieces left to pick up.

Many OutDaughtered fans reacted to Adam Busby’s post. One asked, “Why the media silence? We are in Houston only two hours away from the damage and we had no idea it was so horrific. We even searched for information or pictures and found nothing. Why? Praying for all 🙏🏼.” Hopefully, the mainstream media address the issue again soon.

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