Nick Viall Shares What He Knows Regarding Cassie Randolph, Colton Underwood Drama

'The Bachelor' Nick Viall via Instagram

Former Bachelor Nick Viall is speaking out once again. This time, Nick is sharing his thoughts and what he knows about Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph. He shared inside information about what he knows regarding the restraining order she filed for. Plus, Nick feels many are treating Cassie unfairly.

Nick shares his thoughts on the situation

He feels the situation is sad. Nick said some of the information being put out to the public is not true. The allegations against Colton are very serious and very real. He also said that when a news outlet says a source close to the subject, it typically means it’s the subject themselves or someone very close, like their mom.

He feels many are insinuating that Cassie has alternative motives for the allegations. And, Nick says this is simply not true. He has interacted with Cassie and said anyone saying she likes attention or is doing this for attention is wrong. He said, “She’s very under the radar. She’s very low key.” She is a private person. And, Cassie could be doing more interviews, but she chooses not to.

Nick says according to very reliable sources that Cassie did this as a last resort. It is very real. As for the reality television show Colton and Cassie were reportedly working on, that is over. And, initial reports said Colton walked away from the project. Flip all that. Nick said Colton had presented the project to Cassie and she chose to walk away in the end.

He hopes the best for both Cassie and Colton. And, Nick hopes this unfortunate situation can be resolved. Ultimately, Nick was not happy with the comments he was seeing about Cassie and wanted fans to know the truth about her.

Big things are happening in his life

Aside from doing his podcast, The Viall Files, Nick just made a big life move, literally. Nick just bought his first home. He said, “6 years ago I left a career I really liked for a chance to do something I loved.” He continued, “I did it at a point in my life where the expectation was to settle in and live the life I had. 6 years later I’m buying MY First HOUSE and doing what I love. It’s never too late to change things up and take a few risks.”

TMZ shared that Nick paid $1.72 million for the North Hollywood pad. The house is perfect for a single guy. The 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom house is 2,412-square-feet and has an infinity pool and spa.

Nick has been excited about buying a home for awhile now. Congrats on his new beginning.

Stay tuned for more details on all your favorite Bachelor stars.

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