Lisa Rinna Reacts to New Harry Hamlin Affair Allegations

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna finds herself in the hot seat. Days after grilling co-star Denise Richards about an alleged affair, Lisa’s marriage is under fire. An old rumor about Lisa Rinna’s husband, Harry Hamlin, having an affair resurfaced. Additionally, another rumor of an affair came to light. 

RHOBH Fan Talks About the Husband

On September, 16, a fan took to social media to call out Lisa Rinna’s hypocrisy. Many RHOBH fans are upset that Lisa Rinna shut down co-star Kim Richards when the topic of Harry Hamlin came up. However, Lisa Rinna has no problem talking about Denise Richards’ marriage. 

As fans know, Brandi Glanville alleges that she had an affair with Denise Richards. Brandi additionally claims that she was under the impression that Denise had an open marriage. For her part, Denise denies both allegations. But the topic dominated most of Season 10, including the reunion. 

So, social media user M (@BiiigBrotherrrr) wrote a tweet to Lisa Rinna with allegations about Harry Hamlin. According to ‘M,’ her friend once had a month-long affair with Harry Hamlin. It was allegedly during the summer of 2018 in Muskoka. 

The tweet ends with, “Or do you want to talk about his affair with Patricia?” The tweet garnered enough attention that Lisa Rinna saw it. 

Who is Patricia? 

Another RHOBH fan saw the initial post and had a guess about Patricia. The fan jokes, if it was “Patricia Altschul from Southern Charm, I’d watch every second.” Well, Patricia Altschul got wind of the joke and replied that it was, indeed, her who had an affair with Harry Hamlin.

A smart-aleck fan trolled the post by saying that Patricia Altschul is “like 80.” The reality star clapped back with a “so?????”


The alleged affair likely wasn’t with the Southern Charm star. In fact, Us Weekly notes that M admitted in a later tweet that they didn’t have ‘receipts’ of the affair. 

But those affair allegations aren’t the first, nor will they likely be the last. Some fans suspect that Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna are actually separated but pretend otherwise. 

RHOBH’s Lisa Rinna Jokes About the Rumor on Instagram

The affair allegations seemed to rile Lisa Rinna a bit. She posted a ‘Flashback Friday’ picture of Harry Hamlin when he was People’s Sexiest Man Alive. In the caption, she jokes that Harry is “very busy.” According to fans, Harry “doesn’t live with us, is having a lot of affairs, and is gay.”


One fan trolled Lisa Rinna by writing, “Oh, So Angry.” This is a reference to Lisa Rinna’s snide remark to Denise Richards when the topic of cease and desists came up. The DOOL alum said, “Oof, you’re so angry” to Denise. 

But the post to her Instagram Feed wasn’t the end of it. She took to her Instagram Stories to joke again about the rumors about her husband. She wrote, “Wait, I thought Harry was gay? And he doesn’t live at the house.” 

Credit: Lisa Rinna Instagram Stories
Credit: Lisa Rinna Instagram Stories

She also shared the screenshot of the original tweet from M. She wrote on the bottom of the screenshot that no one ever accuses her of cheating on Harry. Lisa jokes that it “seems a little sexist.” 

Credit: Lisa Rinna Instagram Stories
Credit: Lisa Rinna Instagram Stories

As much as Lisa Rinna enjoys trolling the trolls, it seems the allegations DO get under her skin a little. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10 is done. Denise Richards announced that she won’t be back for another season. Follow us on social media for all the latest TV news!

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