Betty White’s Lifetime Christmas Movie Put On Hold Due To Covid-19

Betty White, Lifetime Christmas Movie-

The Covid-19 pandemic has canceled or delayed many things, and it looks like this includes the Betty White Lifetime Christmas Movie. Why are they postponing this holiday movie til 2021?

Betty White’s Lifetime Christmas Movie Delayed until 2021

Betty White’s highly anticipated Lifetime Christmas movie has been postponed until 2021. According to EW, the still unnamed movie is delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Lifetime made a statement about this delay. “We’re all still dreaming of a White Christmas with Betty White — unfortunately we will have to wait until 2021.” They shared why. “The movie is being pushed to next year due to COVID filming restrictions.”

In the upcoming movie, she plays a character who helps would-be Santas get on track for the holiday season. The question is, is she Mrs. Claus? Guess we will need to wait just one more year.

Meanwhile, Lifetime promises 30 new holiday movies that will certainly make everyone feel warm and cozy this holiday season.

Safety Protocols Now On All Sets

Despite this Betty White Christmas movie delay, studios have been opening up and they are filming movies and series. Everyone is masked, and following strict protocol. But, they obviously don’t want to take a chance on this national treasure.

For example, in Canada, during the When Calls The Heart Season 8 filming, everyone is in “pods.” That means that all cast and crew only stick with their similar jobs. Everyone is to wear a mask, and practice social distancing. Only the actors in front of the camera take off their masks during filming.

And if Betty White and Santa Claus are going to kiss, that could be a whole other set of “rigorous” protocols. Just ask Jesse Metcalfe. Before he could fly to Canada to film a recent movie during Covid-19, he had to take the test. Then, when he arrived, he had to take a second test, because he could have become ill on that plane ride up.

Next, a 14-day quarantine in his hotel room. On the set, the masks and the pods. Before he was going to take that single kiss, they splashed a topical spray on his and his love interest’s face. After the kissing scene, he had to gargle with a specially formulated mouthwash.

So, maybe they decided Betty really didn’t need to go through all of that this year?

Betty White Was Trending On Twitter

Back in March, early on during the Covid-19 pandemic, Betty White was trending on Twitter. People were concerned for her life. The Golden Girls star turned 98 earlier in the year. As the coronavirus has been very deadly to people over 70, her legion of fans became concerned.

At that time, there was no way to protect her. Clearly, even now, there is still a lot of uncertainty. There is no cure, nor a trusted vaccine. No one will question Lifetime’s decision to delay this Christmas movie.

Thankfully, she has been quarantining, staying home and being safe. This may be the longest time that this animal-loving actress has been home. She has been a very busy actress for the past 75 years. She is allowed to put her feet up and maybe catch up with some Netflix.

Soon, things will be safe. Most of all, she will be filming that Lifetime Christmas movie and we can all watch it during It’s A Wonderful Lifetime 2021!

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