Jill Duggar And Fans Share Ideas For Tasty Snacks

Jill Duggar Dillard

Jill Duggar Dillard rocked the Counting On world when she revealed that she enjoys a few alcoholic drinks these days. Now, not so earth-shattering news came as she and her fans discussed snacks. But, some useful ideas came out of it that other moms might enjoy.

Jill Duggar Dillard and her fans talk tasty treats for the kids

Mommy of two, Jill took to her Instagram on Friday and shared about snacks. She posted up a photo of some snacks and asked her fans, “What are some of your kid’s favorite snacks? 🥒 Well, fans of Counting On love it when Jill invites some interaction with her, so lots of people dished up their ideas. Some ideas seem innovative and clever. Meanwhile, other snacks sound rather different.

One of Jill Duggar’s fans suggested the “pickle flavored popcorn” from “Trader Joes in Arkansas.” Well, Jill never heard of it before but sounded intrigued! She replied, saying, “what?!!! That sounds amazing!!” And apparently, you can also buy them at Aldi. One fan described it as “the best ever.” Other fans liked the idea of the hummus that Jill makes for the kids sometimes.

More ideas for snacks

Jill also mentioned that over on the Dillard blog, she shares more recipes for various snacks if fans want to go and look for them. Meanwhile, more snack ideas came from her many fans. One person suggested that Jill Duggar tries “string cheese, fried pepperoni, and cheese sandwiches.” Then, another person chipped in with, “oranges and cheese cubes.” And this one sounds very nice: “Vanilla greek yogurt with mini choco chips!” Other ideas included “apples and pretzels,” “organic cheese puffs,” and “walnuts.”

Naturally, chips and pretzels also featured a lot among the comments. “Mini waffles” and “freezer-dried strawberries” also got a big thumbs up. Another healthy-sounding snack idea included “celery sticks with peanut butter.” One Jill Duggar fan kindly shared a recipe for pepperoni chips. They put them in paper towels in the microwave to soak up all the fat.


Is it okay to give kids snacks?

Snacking between meals might not sound like a good idea if you hope to lose weight. But kids really need them. According to Eat Right Org, “snacks are good for kids because they help them stay focused at school and on homework.” Snacks give the kids extra nutrients and keeps hunger away. But, they caution that they should be “mini-meals” rather than junk food.

The website cautions though, that moms and dads should plan for snack times. Like Jill Duggar does, this prevents non-stop snacking that might cause problems at main meal times. What did you think of the ideas that Jill and her fans shared about snacks for kids? Can you think of others they don’t mention? Sound off in the comments below.

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