Does Max Ehrich Have A Tattoo With Selena Gomez’s Initials?

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Max Ehrich has been making headlines lately. Demi Lovato’s fiance’s old tweets have gone viral over the weekend. Most of his tweets were about Demi’s old BFF Selena Gomez. Max often gushed about the “Rare” singer. He even expressed an interest in marrying her.

TV Shows Ace previously reported that Demi addressed the fan reaction. She claims that most of the tweets are Photoshopped. However, only a handful of the tweets were found to be fake. Now, fans are wondering if Max has a tribute tattoo to Selena. This latest rumor has gone viral on social media on Thursday, September 17.

Meanwhile, Demi’s friends are concerned about her fast-paced relationship with the Y&R actor.

Max Ehrich alleged to have a Selena Gomez tribute tattoo

A Demi Lovato fan tweeted photos of Max Ehrich with a mysterious tattoo on his forearm. He’s alleged to have tribute tattoos for Selena Gomez. Not only does he has the letter “S” on his forearm, but he also has the same music note tattoo in the same place where Selena has hers.

But that’s not all. There’s also video evidence of Max with the tattoos in question. Max shared a photo of his tattoos but quickly deleted it after his relationship with Demi became public. In the alleged social media post, Max wrote in the caption, “One day I’ll marry you,” referring to Selena.

Demi Lovato’s friends are reportedly concerned about her

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich have only dated for just six months. The couple’s whirlwind romance started in quarantine. The couple has been living together ever since. Back in July, Max proposed to Demi and the rest is happily ever after.

Or, is it? Insiders close to Demi are concerned about Max’s intentions. They wonder if his actions are genuine. Demi’s friends are “worried” especially after those comments he made about wanting to marry Selena went viral. In addition, he made “thirsty” comments about Ariana Grande, Gigi Hadid, Madison Beer, and countless other female celebs.

“People close to Demi have expressed that they are worried and are hesitant about Max,” the source told E! News.

However, Demi remains “truly in love” with him, according to E!’s source. She wants to get hitched as soon as possible. Demi even relocated from Los Angeles to Atlanta to be with Max as she shoots his new film, Southern Gospel.

“Demi insisted on being with Max in Atlanta the entire time he will be filming,” the insider said. “They are inseparable and she doesn’t like to be without him.”

Max has gushed about Selena in the past

Before Demi, Max Ehrich had his sights set on Selena Gomez. As fans know, Demi and Selena are no longer friends and haven’t been for a while. But Max has been a big fan of Selena for years. Some fans think his devotion led him to propose to Demi on Selena’s birthday.

Max has since deleted his Twitter profile. But fans posted screenshots of his tweets revealing his love for Selena. There’s also an old video of an Instagram Live where he gushed about Selena and confirmed that he has a crush on her.

“I think she’s an extremely, extremely, extremely talented girl, and I’ve actually had a major crush on her since 2010,” Max said in the old Instagram Live video. “And I—my teenage self, like, said it in an interview as well so it’s kind of been this ongoing thing but then like obviously I put it out on Twitter, and I didn’t even realize that would catch like—that people would take that like seriously.”

Max went on to call Selena an “extraordinary woman.” He made it clear that not only does he want to work with her, but he also wants to date her and perhaps marry her. Demi was “hurt” and “really upset” when Max’s old tweets resurfaced. But she wants to stay with him no matter what.

Maybe Max just had an innocent crush on Selena? Most people go crazy with their celebrity crushes. But still, some fans are concerned and are looking out for Demi. It’s understandable since she’s been through a lot in the past few years.

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