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Does Matt Roloff Keep Amy In The Dark About Roloff Farms?

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The new season of Little People, Big World is fast approaching and things look heated between Matt and Amy Roloff in the trailers. As fans of the TLC series know, Amy Roloff resided on the property of Roloff Farms for YEARS after divorcing from Matt. But, she no longer lives on the property. And, Matt has done the best he can to keep fans current on plans for the property ever since.

Technically, the property still belongs to Matt and Amy Roloff.

As we previously reported, Zach and Tori Roloff have some mixed feelings about taking over the Roloff Farms. According to the trailer for the upcoming season, Zach did think it was a very good idea for his mother to move off the property. After all, the relationship between Matt and Amy seemed a little toxic. And, he just didn’t think Amy living there was in her best interest.

Zach also admitted he was interested in buying PART of the property. More specifically, he was interested in buying the property from one of his parents. But, he wasn’t sure he wanted to buy out both parents. And, his wife Tori admitted the idea of buying the Roloff Farms and taking over made her nervous.

LPBW fans love the idea of Zach and Tori taking over the property. And, Matt? Well, it has always been his dream for the property to pass to his children. In fact, he has mentioned hoping Zach and Jeremy would be able to manage the farm together.

The pandemic has made things difficult for the family.

COVID-19 hasn’t made things easy for the family. Pumpkin Season, for example, is usually one of the best times of the year for the property. It is when people from all over the world come to Roloff Farms. They come with the hope of seeing members of the Roloff family.

Unfortunately, Matt believes he’ll have to charge entrance fees this year. Otherwise, he doesn’t think he’ll be able to have a Pumpkin Season at all.

Amy Roloff implied she doesn’t know much about the property.

LPBW fans now believe Matt Roloff keeps Amy in the dark about what’s going on with the property. This assumption comes after Amy Roloff more or less implied that she doesn’t have any idea what’s going on at Roloff Farms. Here’s exactly what Amy said on Instagram that got people talking.

“I know that Matt and Caryn and Zach and Tori had a pumpkin meeting. So, I’m really not sure what’s happening with pumpkin season,” Amy Roloff told her fans via Instagram Live on September 10th.

It is not going to be like what we typically have for pumpkin season, which, in some ways, we are all bummed, because this would’ve been our 20th year. But no, I don’t know what’s happening with pumpkin season. To tell you the truth, guys, I’m with you. I’ll have to go on to my own website and figure that out. I’ll let you know some of those details later, because I don’t want to give all of it away, because I am filming my life.”

Does this mean that Matt Roloff is making decisions about Roloff Farms without including Amy? Her comments on Instagram Live certainly seemed to suggest this was the case!

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