‘Storage Wars’: Dan Dotson’s Son Garrett Doing Better, Alleged Shooter Caught

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The police have caught Garrett Dotson’s alleged shooter. Garrett is the son of Storage Wars stars Dan and Laura Dotson. What is the latest news about this drive by shooting that left the auctioneer’s son in critical condition on Saturday night?

Arrest Made In Shooting Of Storage Wars Star Dan Dotson’s Son Garrett

On Tuesday, the Havasu police announced the arrest. They caught the man who allegedly shot the Storage Wars star’s 22-year-old son, Garrett Dotson. According to the Havasu News, the police received an anonymous tip on the case.

Havasu Police Lt. Chad Williams explained what happened. The Havasu police went to 29000 block of Winterhaven and arrested 21-year-old Garrett Wilder. Wilder, of Lake Havasu City, had a gun and spent shell casing at this residence.

Subsequently, Wilder now faces two counts of aggravated assault, a count of drive-by shooting and one count of disorderly conduct with a weapon. They are still putting together the story of what happened to the son of the Storage Wars auctioneers.

Garrett Dotson, Son Of Storage Wars Stars Dan, Laura Dotson, Critical After Drive-By-Shooting

Garrett Dotson, son of auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson, was involved in the drive-by shooting. What happened?  Outside of his Lake Havasu Airbnb, Garrett was walking a date to her car. There was a verbal altercation with another man in a car, and he shot Dotson at the Injo Drive residence. He then fled off with his girlfriend.

Then chaos ensued. Garrett Dotson was on the ground, bleeding out in his abdomen. Thankfully, his pal Mauro Owens was there to help save his life.

According to the GoFundMe, Storage Wars star Dan Dotson explained that Mauro valiantly applied pressure, as he dragged Garrett Dotson back into the home. Then, the ambulance came, and Garrett was rushed to the Lake Havasu, Arizona hospital.

The situation was serious. They had to airlift Garrett to Las Vegas.

Was This A Retribution?

Havasu police originally believed that this was a retribution shooting. Was this shooting related to an earlier shooting in Phoenix?

On Tuesday morning, Havasu City Police Chief Dan Doyle told the Lake Havasu City Men’s Republican Club that there were connections with both cases. He said, “There’s more to the story.”

The police chief explained that they used social media to determine that this is what happened to the son of the Storage Wars stars. “This guy was involved in a shooting down in Phoenix and came up here to party. So there was some retribution when these guys drove up. He was Facebooking: ‘Partying in Havasu,’ so they drove up here to get payback.”

Subsequently, later Tuesday, the Havasu City Police Chief amended this theory. There is absolutely no connection between the Phoenix shooting and the Lake Havasu shooting.

Stay tuned for more details.



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