See Which ‘OutDaughtered’ Quint LOVES Adam Busby’s New Random Purchase

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Adam Busby of OutDaughtered enjoys making random and strange purchases. After all, it is a fun way to try out new things. Fortunately for fans of the reality TV dad, Adam Busby enjoys showing off his random and weird purchases on Instagram. And, that is what he did on his Instagram Stories just yesterday.

What weird thing has Adam Busby purchased now?

Adam Busby purchased what he referred to as a fun egg cooker. He explained that it makes boiling eggs a super easy process. In fact, the egg cooker is so easy to use that the quints are able to use it to help make boiled eggs! And, as it turns out, one of the quints REALLY loves boiled eggs.

So, this random and weird purchase was extremely popular with said quint. And, it looked like she got to spend a little quality time with daddy while learning how to make boiled eggs.

Which OutDaughtered quint was excited to try out the egg cooker?

Adam Busby explained that Riley Busby REALLY loves boiled eggs. So, this egg cooker is really going to come in handy! He explained you just have to fill it up with water, plug it in, and turn it on. Then, he panned over to Riley. Fans got to watch Riley as she prepared the eggs to cook in the cooker.

Adam explained that she had to poke a very tiny hole in the bottom of the egg before placing it in the cooker. Then, she placed each of the eggs in the cooker until it was full.

Riley Busby gushed that the egg cooker looked a little like a flower when it was full of eggs that were ready to cook. Then, they just had to place the lid on the cooker and turn it on. After that, it was just a matter of waiting for the eggs to cook.

Convenience is important in this family.

With six growing girls, Adam and Danielle Busby are all about convenience. This egg cooker is a great way to make a bunch of boiled eggs with the help of an adorable quint. And, it looks like it might actually be safer than having a bunch of eggs in boiling water on the stove.

Naturally, many fans were quick to ask Adam Busby where he purchased this interesting kitchen appliance. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as if he’s replied. It, however, is safe to assume this is something you could purchase with ease on websites such as Amazon. It actually looks like you can get the exact same egg cooker (or a even a deluxe version of it) on Amazon.

So, do you want to try boiling eggs with an egg cooker like the one Adam Busby has? Sound off in the comments!

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