‘Big Brother’ Alum Evel Dick Calls Dani A Cheater & Nicole A ‘Nasally’ Whiner

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Big Brother alum Evel Dick Donato is just as disappointed in this season of the reality TV show as a lot of the fans watching it at home are. And he’s been very vocal about his thoughts on his estranged daughter Dani Donato and her girl pal Nicole Franzel.

Evel Dick Donato isn’t looking forward to another week of ‘nasally whining’

Nicole Franzel has lost nearly all of her sponsorships outside of the house after participating in the mocking of Ian Terry. And, fans of the show are FURIOUS CBS continues to side step airing the bullying in an episode for everyone to see. Making things even more annoying for the fans at home, Nicole continues to support Ian while participating in plans to blindside him at the same time.

And, based on his Twitter activity, it doesn’t sound like Evel Dick Donato is looking forward to listening to another week of Nicole’s “nasally whining.”

Evel Dick responded to a tweet sharing a Big Brother 22 live feed update. The tweet read: “Nicole told Dani she’ll feel better if she fights for Ian a little this week, even if it doesn’t help, she wants to at least try ‘so he can see someday that I tried.'”

Evel Dick’s response read, “All that means is we’re gonna have to suffer through some very nasally whining this week. Maybe Ian will let her touch his p**is.”

The BB alum has not had great things to say about his daughter.

Big Brother alum Evel Dick Donato hasn’t had great things to say about Dani. And, it isn’t because he thinks she’s a bad player. Truthfully, he thinks she’s a great player. He thinks she’s a great strategist. But, he believes she’s playing a really poor game. And he’s disappointed in it.

“I am very disappointed in Dani’s game this season for a number of reasons… Who she evicts this week is not one of the reasons. It will be either Trevor or Ian, both are good boots. Tucker is one of the biggest threats in the house and Ian is a past winner,” Dick penned in a series of five tweets.

Dick continued to explain it was disappointed in her “pregaming.” He insisted she was doing the equivalent of cheating by not trusting in her own ability to play the game. He’s over seeing her go with the majority and participate in “group thinks” instead of making her own decisions.

He continued: “Dani is a fantastic strategist, she’s a legit comp beast, her game was lacking in the social aspect. But for her to completely toss her own game to jump on board with the Band of P***ies is beyond frustrating and annoying, when HER game is better than 95% of them in the house.”

Evel Dick continued to slam her alliance in the fourth tweet.

“Season is sh**, it’s boring & not fun to watch.” He concluded.

But, he wasn’t done. He also took aim at the production team.

Big Brother alum Evel Dick Donato seemed to agree with many fans of the show that this season was boring. Some viewers have even insisted this could be the last year for Big Brother. Why? Because of just how boring it has been to watch. It also doesn’t help that nearly everyone in the house as said on live feed they didn’t really want to be there at least once.


“The producers better get their sh** together and do something to change things, because the show/game that BB has become is not the same as it was when it was fun to watch and you cared about the people playing. I just see the 6 as random, interchangeable ***holes, at this point,” he added in another tweet.

So, do you agree with Evel Dick’s interpretation of Nicole and Dani? Do you think the season has been boring? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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