Watch Adam Busby Treat Girls To Shaved Ice At Kahuna Joe’s In Sweet Video

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Adam Busby treated four of the quints and their cousin Evyn to a yummy frozen treat over the weekend! His crew headed over to Kahuna Joe’s to enjoy some shaved ice together. And, he was kind enough to share a video of the girls enjoying their fun treat on his Instagram Stories.

Adam Busby attempts to chat with Parker

“Where are we at Parker?” Adam asks as some fun tropical beach-style music plays in the background.

Parker Busby cutely responds that she isn’t really sure where they are.

Adam asks Parker to say they are at Kahuna Joe’s. Then, he asks her if she knows why they are at Kahuna Joe’s.

Parker starts to dance and wobble around. She’s in a very happy mood. But, doesn’t seem to interested in chatting with daddy right now!

What flavors of shaved ice did the girls pick?

As the girls are enjoying their shaved ice, Adam Busby goes around the table and asks what flavors they are enjoying. Hazel Busby is first. Hazel stops for a moment to tell the camera she is enjoying cotton candy.

Riley and their cousin Evyn were both enjoying cherry flavored shaved ice.

Parker revealed she was eating bubble gum flavored shaved ice!

Ava decided to get the same flavor as Hazel and was enjoying some yummy cotton candy!

Did the OutDaughtered daddy get some shaved ice too?

Once all the girls were sitting around the table enjoying their shaved ice, it does appear as if Adam treated himself to a cold treat as well! He carried a huge thing of red shaved ice over to the table. It was significantly larger than what the girls were enjoying. And, it definitely caught their attention as he headed toward the table.

Adam Busby never clarified what flavor he was having. And, some of the quints suggested he might have more than one flavor as they saw some blue in his frozen treat. What was truly adorable is how a few of the quints became much more interested in what daddy was eating!

One was quick to run over to daddy as they started to ask whether or not they could see what daddy’s frozen treat looked like! Considering how large it was and the fun shape it was in… Who can blame them really?

Overall, it certainly looked like the Busby quints and their cousin had a fun time enjoying some shaved ice together.

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