‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Gush Over How Tiny The Quints Look In This Photo

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OutDaughtered parents Adam and Danielle Busby take a very divide and conquer approach to getting things done while parenting so many children. And, it seems as if that is the approach they are continuing to take with extra girls in the house.

Danielle has admitted it has been wild and crazy with extra girls in the house. And, we have to assume Adam is feeling a little overwhelmed with all the extra females under his roof. But, this family was ready to come together when Hurricane Laura turned their hometown upside down.

Adam Busby took four OutDaughtered quints and a cousin out for shaved ice.

According to his Instagram Stories, Adam Busby took four of their quints and one of their cousins out for shaved ice. Danielle was running some last minute back-to-school errands with the rest of the crew. While he did most of the documenting on his Instagram Stories, he did share a sweet snap of the venture on his Instagram profile. And, fans couldn’t get over how tiny the quints looked in this fun photo.

The four quints Adam Busby took and their cousin were sitting together in a giant lawn chair. The chair was an attraction for Kahuna Joe’s. Adam and the girls ventured there to enjoy some shaved ice together. And, his followers were LOVING the photo he shared.

“@dbusby brought Blayke and Olivia around to shop for last minute items for school next week, while i had the other 4 quints and their cousin Evyn. The treat of choice was shaved ice at @kahunajoes ! Now it’s red and blue stained faces all around! #itsabuzzworld #outdaughtered,” Adam Busby explained in the caption of the photo.

This particular photo brought a lot of smiles to the faces of OutDaughtered fans. They’ve been gushing for a while over how much the girls have grown. So, it was fun to see them looking so tiny on a huge lawn chair!

Fans gush about the adorable and fun photo of the girls.

Most OutDaughtered fans were too overwhelmed by the cuteness of the photo to say much. Many opted to shower the comment section with heart emojis. Some did comment on how adorable Riley’s face was in the photo. A few admitted they were really missing Olivia and Blayke who were doing some last minute shopping with Danielle when the photo was snapped!


Overall, however, fans were just happy Adam and Danielle give us this window into their life. Here’s hoping we continue to get these fun family photos as the girls grow! Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on this fun photo.

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