Hazel Busby Announces She’s On ‘Team Daddy’ In Adorably Sweet Video

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Hazel Busby was on “team daddy” over the weekend and OutDaughtered fans are here for their adorable bond.

Adam and Danielle divided and conquered, Hazel was ‘team daddy’

As OutDaughtered fans know, Adam and Danielle Busby like to “divide and conquer” whenever they have errands to run. Adam and Danielle have also admitted breaking up the quints is a great way for them to develop as individuals. It’s great that they are close. But, it is important for them to develop relationships and bonds outside of their family. So, Adam and Danielle try to break them up and do things one-on-one with them when time allows!

So, Adam Busby took four of the quints and one of their cousins to get shaved ice over the weekend. Danielle took Blayke and Olivia to do some last minute back-to-school shopping. Blayke was finally ready to ditch online schooling. But, she needed a few last minute items!

To Hazel and some of her sisters, the outing was a bit of a competition. And little Hazel Busby certainly felt like the winner! After all, she got to go with some of her sisters and one of her cousins to get a big thing of cotton candy flavored shaved ice! Meanwhile, Olivia and Blayke were back-to-school shopping with mommy.

So, Hazel Busby wasn’t afraid to announce that she was on “team daddy” and they were on team mommy. She was happy to be on “team daddy” because she believed it was the better team to be on!

Now, the Busby dad reassured they were probably having fun too.

Adam clearly didn’t want Hazel (or any of the other girls) to make Blayke or Olivia feel bad for being on “team mom.” So, he did try to correct or at least add to the conversation. There was no denying he enjoyed everyone wanting to be “team dad.” But, he reassured that Danielle would likely get the girls with her some sort of fun treat as well.

Chances a pretty good it was also a bit of damage control. He didn’t want to discourage the girls from going with mommy Busby the next time they divide and conquer.


Either way, Hazel was just happy to be on “team daddy” for the day. And, really, who could blame her? It certainly looked like they had a good time! Even if Adam Busby did tease them with broccoli before taking them out for their sweet frozen treats!

So, do you want to be on “team daddy” with Hazel Busby? Sound off in the comments!

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