Adam Busby Teases Girls With Broccoli Venture In Adorable Video

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OutDaughtered fans can’t help but wonder how Adam Busby is managing to keep sane in a household with so many girls. Right now, they have several extra little girls running around because of Hurricane Laura. And, it sounds like they might be sticking around for a while. It, however, looks as if a little playful teasing may be one of the keys to Adam keeping his sanity! And, OutDaughtered fans are certainly here for the fun!

Adam Busby promises shaved ice, teases with broccoli trip.

As we previously reported, Adam and Danielle Busby often split up the girls when someone needs to run errand. After all, taking so many girls to a store would be a difficult task for anyone to manage! So, they divide and conquer when necessary to get things done. Adam Busby took the bulk of the girls with him over the weekend while Danielle did some last minute school shopping with Blayke and Olivia.

Now, as we previously reported, Adam Busby and the girls had a really fun trip to Kahuna Joe’s. They each enjoyed a delicious shaved ice in a flavor they picked out. And, Adam shared a fun video showing off what each of the girls picked out as their flavor of choice. He even showed off the huge shaved ice treat he got for himself. And, his girls were eager to give it a taste!

But, Adam Busby decided to have a little fun with the girls before they took a trip to get shaved ice from Kahuna Joe’s. Turns out, the girls aren’t huge fans of broccoli. And, even more amusingly, it sounds like none of them had ever heard of eating broccoli with cheese on it! So, he teased the girls they were going to go somewhere to get some broccoli first.

NONE of the girls were interested in the broccoli detour. Adam teased several times they were going to go find some delicious broccoli to eat. And every time loud “NOS” could be heard echoing through the house from several of the girls. Adam Busby had a huge grin on his face as he was clearly tickled by teasing the girls.

OutDaughtered fans love the way Adam and Danielle parent.

Fans of OutDaughtered are always showering Adam and Danielle with support in the comments of their social media accounts. They love the way Adam and Danielle Busby are raising their girls. And, they just have a lot of love in general for the adorable family. So, they were super happy Adam Busby decided to share this fun video with everyone.

So, do you think Adam Busby teasing the girls with broccoli was funny? And, do you like eating broccoli? Sound off in the comments down below!

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