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‘Ghost Adventures’ Fans Can Now Visit ‘Tiger King’ Exhibit At Zak Bagans Haunted Museum

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If it is creepy and haunted, Zak Bagans may have a place for it in his Haunted Museum. The Las Vegas location is home to many historical, possessed items. Now, there is a brand new exhibit for visitors to enjoy. Zak has obtained some objects from Joe Exotic and has opened up a Tiger King display within the museum.

Zak opens Tiger King exhibit at Haunted Museum

The Las Vegas Review Journal revealed the new exhibit this week. It has been much anticipated since fans learned Zak obtained artifacts in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. The Ghost Adventures crew was there to investigate the grounds. That episode has yet to air.

In fact, their trip to Oklahoma caused quite the media stir. They found bones on the property that trainers believed to be human remains. Law enforcement was called in and they investigated. It was finally determined the remains belonged to an animal.

As for the new exhibit, it went live on Thursday morning for visitors. Zak is happy with how everything turned out. He said there are tiki waterfalls, bamboo and palms. The reports shared that Zak also mentioned some sort of pump which was noted on the series.

There are some items on display that belonged to Travis Maldonado. He was one of Joe Exotic’s husbands who committed suicide. His death was ruled accidental. Two items that relate to Travis are a piece of the wall which has a bullet hole from his tragic passing. And, Zak also gained possession of Travis’ glass pipe.

What else is in the display?

Other items Zak has on display is Joe Exotic’s jeweled crown and some of his clothing. There is also some items from the three way wedding Joe shared with Travis and John Finlay.

Zak was also able to snatch up the original Exotic Zoo Sign from Wynnewood. Most of the items were obtained this summer. The Ghost Adventures crew spent a week in Oklahoma filming for the Travel Channel special. While details have not been specifically released, it is being speculated the documentary will air Halloween.

Ghost Adventures films a yearly two hour Halloween night special. It looks as if the Tiger King investigation may be their big October episode.

Fans wishing to see the exhibit can visit Zak’s Las Vegas Haunted Museum. Of course, there are protocols in place due to Covid-19. Visitors are required to check for symptoms, as well as, have their temperature checked before going on the tour. Guests will also be required to wear masks and observe proper social distancing.


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