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Did Memphis Bully Ian? ‘Big Brother’ Fans Debate Definition Of Bullying

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One of the hottest topics in Big Brother fan groups and forums right now is whether Memphis Garrett was actually a bully to Ian Terry. Was what Memphis said actually considered bullying? Fans of the CBS reality series are actually at each others’ throats over the controversy right now. Many are even taking to Google to search for the exact definition of bully and bullying.

What IS the definition of bully and bullying, anyway?

In the interest of appeasing the masses, we are going to pull the definition of the word bully and bullying from several different sources.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines bullying as “abuse and mistreatment of someone vulnerable by someone stronger, more powerful.” A second entry also defines the word bullying as “prone to or characterized by overbearing mistreatment and domination of others.”

When asking Google directly, the search engine defines bullying as someone who wants to “seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable).”

Now, some Big Brother fans are arguing what Memphis said about Ian Terry was nothing more than gossip. He and his fellow HGs are in a room, away from Ian, and they are gossiping. Talking behind his back. So, is gossip a form of bullying? According to Keep Your Kids Safe, gossip is a tool that people use to be bullies. It is a very effective tool because words can be just as hurtful as being physically abusive to someone. So, yes, most experts do consider gossiping and talking behind someone’s back to be a form of bullying.

What did Memphis say about Ian, anyway?

As we previously reported, there are a few different clips making rounds featuring Memphis talking about Ian behind his back. Memphis Garrett compares Ian Terry to a horror movie. And, he threatens to kick him in the teeth. The threaten stems from nothing more than Memphis thinking Ian is creepy. Tragically, several of his fellow houseguests find the chatter hilarious. And this is what Big Brother fans are currently debating.

Some are insisting because Ian was not in the room when it happened, it cannot be defined as bullying. Others are insisting trash talking people behind their back is part of the Big Brother game. These people argue others are being too sensitive. Some are screaming “cancel culture” at the controversy. Others, however, believe there is a difference between trash talking and taking things too far. These individuals believe Memphis clearly took things too far.

Production does appear to have stepped in.

Truthfully, arguing that Ian Terry isn’t aware of the bullying is a moot point. We recently learned the production started pulling people into the DR one by one. And, they were assumed to be discussing the incident. A conversation between Nicole and Dani revealed the production team warned them the bullying would be featured in an episode. Dani and Nicole did confirm Ian Terry was also pulled into the DR. So, viewers have to assume he’s aware of the situation at this point. So, the it isn’t technically bullying argument kind of goes out the window at this point.

Currently, fans of Big Brother are all over the place with how they feel about the situation. But, whether or not Memphis actually bullied Ian Terry remains a hotly debated topic of conversation.

So, do you think Memphis actually bullied Ian Terry? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, be sure to tell us how you define being a bully.

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