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Katie Maloney ‘Cried’ During ‘VPR’ Season 8 Finale, Felt Like The End

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Katie Maloney is discussing all things Vanderpump Rules. The show is still up in the air. SUR Restaurant is closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. There are also rumors that the show may not see another season.

Most fans felt that Vanderpump Rules Season 8 felt like a series finale. It showed the original cast members fighting and going their separate ways. In the background, a slowed-down version of the theme song played. Fans called the ending weird.

The final scene even affected Katie Maloney. She admitted that she “cried” when she watched it for the first time.

Vanderpump Rules star talks about the show’s future

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Katie Maloney admitted she wasn’t sure if Vanderpump Rules will ever return. She said that they’re all waiting to get the “phone call” to come back and film. Since Bravo hasn’t announced a cancellation, Katie has hope that it will return. It’s just that she didn’t have anything “definitive” to give.

Katie also talked about the dramatic season finale. She felt like it was more of a series finale with each of the show’s original cast members leaving TomTom on their own. The You’re Gonna Love Me podcast host got emotional when she watched it back. Usually, the season finales ended on a positive note, even if the cast fights at the reunion.

“I remember watching it and thinking, this looks so final, what the hell?” Katie said. “I cried. Like, this is really heavy. Normally our seasons always end on a happy note. It all works out, Lisa’s like, you know, ‘We’re all friends. We gotta stick by each other…’ and it’s like this full circle kind of thing, and this time it was, ‘Oh, s***.'”

Katie ended Season 8 with a broken friendship with Kristen Doute. Katie and Stassi Schroeder had a falling out with the way Kristen handled her hot-and-cold relationship with Brian Carter. But the three ladies have reconnected since then.

Katie Maloney speaks on Stassi Schroeder’s future

Stassi Schroeder has had quite the year. First, she had to postpone her wedding to fiance Beau Clark due to the coronavirus pandemic. Then, Bravo fired her and Kristen Doute for their past racist actions. Just a few days after, Stassi and Beau confirmed they’re having their first child and it’s a girl.

Later this month, Stassi will speak out for the first time since her firing on The Tamron Hall Show. Katie understands why Kristen and Stassi were fired from the show, but she feels like the audience will miss out on their lives.

“Seeing Stassi through this huge part of her life — it’s massive, becoming a mother and being pregnant,” Katie said. “I’m sure people would’ve loved to have been on that ride.”

The beauty blogger revealed she’s been having conversations with Stassi and Kristen about the Black Lives Matter movement. She hopes those conversations will translate onscreen. Katie finds it’s their responsibility as public figures to show what’s happening in America. Some of those conversations could end up on her new podcast.

Katie already covers body image and diet culture on You’re Gonna Love Me. She wants to use her platform to be a safe space for controversial topics. New episodes of You’re Gonna Love Me drop weekly wherever you stream podcasts.

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