‘Big Brother’: What Memphis Garrett Said Included Threatening Ian Terry

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Big Brother fans are scrambling to learn exactly what Memphis Garrett said after learning he mocked Ian Terry for being autistic. Unfortunately, exactly what Memphis Garrett said was not edited into an episode. It happened on the live feeds. But, there are a lot of eagle-eyed fans who make a habit of screen recording the live feed. And, they are generous enough to share clips of the more interesting and controversial things that happen via social media. So, for those without live feed access, it just became a matter of hunting down the clips on social media. Wondering what exactly Memphis Garrett said that has fans in such a frenzy? Keep reading to find out.

What Memphis Garrett said when he was mocking Ian Terry’s autism

As you are looking for what exactly Memphis Garrett said while he was mocking and bullying Ian Terry for his autism, keep in mind there was more than one incident that currently has people on edge. Memphis isn’t the only houseguest under fire. But, he does appear to be the one that did most of the talking. In fact, Big Brother fans have learned that among the many things Memphis Garrett said about Ian Terry included a threat. While he may have intended it to be a funny joke, those watching the live feed didn’t find it funny. They didn’t find it funny that he thought threatening Ian Terry just because he’s autistic was appropriate.

In a video clip posted on Twitter two days ago, Cody, Nicole, Dani, and Memphis are having a conversation about Ian.

Memphis appears to be doing the bulk of the talking. He discusses how “bizarre” he finds Ian to be. When asked by the others what he means. Memphis clarifies. He explains that Ian Terry seems to have changed everything about himself. The way he talks, the way he behaves, and his personality. Memphis insists it feels like Ian has a twin because he’s a completely different person. And, it freaks him out.

Cody can be heard in the background agreeing and backing up what he was saying.

Dani jokes that the next time Ian wanders to the backyard in his underwear at 3am because he can’t sleep, she’s going to encourage him to go sit on the edge of Memphis’ bed.

Memphis Garrett warns Dani that he will kick Ian Terry’s teeth in if that happens. And, then, he added that he felt justified and defended himself. Memphis said he would explain to the production crew he was asleep and just found the guy at the end of his bed. He insisted it wouldn’t been a reflex reaction.

To hear exactly what Memphis Garrett and his HGs said check out the short clip below.

He also discussed Ian’s self-soothing techniques a day prior.

On September 8th a video clip surfaced with Christmas, Nicole, Dani, and Memphis in a room together. Again, Memphis Garrett seemed to be doing the bulk of the mocking and bullying. So, it is understandable that Big Brother fans are so desperate to know exactly what Memphis Garrett said about Ian Terry.

In the earlier clip, Memphis compared Ian Terry to something out of a horror film. He insisted that every time he turned around, there Ian Terry was being creepy.

Memphis insisted Ian Terry “stresses him out.”

Memphis Garrett then adds that he even has nightmares that he’ll wake up to find Ian Terry standing over his bed rocking back and forth while watching him.


While there is no denying Memphis did most of the talking, the three girls in the room didn’t exactly stop him. In fact, they all seemed to find what he had to say to be hilarious. And, that was really enough to irritate Big Brother fans.

So, how do you feel about what Memphis Garrett said about Ian Terry?

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