‘Big Brother’ Alum Dan Gheesling Catches Heat For Supporting Memphis

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Big Brother alum Dan Gheesling seems to support Memphis Garrett this season. It, however, appears as if this support might be a mistake on his part. Wondering why Dan is in the line of fire? Keep reading to find out.

Dan Gheesling has a pretty stellar record as far as being a Big Brother alum is concerned. Some fans coin him as the “nicest winner” in the history of the show. Dan was the first houseguest to win by a unanimous vote as well. He was the winner of Big Brother 10. And, he came in second to Ian Terry in Big Brother 14.

Some even refer to him as one of the great players in Big Brother history. While people usually only have great things to say about Dan, he’s currently catching a little heat on Twitter. Why? Well, turns out a lot of Big Brother fans are not happy with his support of Memphis Garrett.

Why are Big Brother fans coming for Memphis Garrett?

Live feed viewers listened to Memphis Garrett mock and bully Ian Terry for nothing more than being autistic. Memphis insisted Ian made him feel uncomfortable because of how easy it was for him to flip his personality and be a different person. Now, anyone who has experience with someone with autism is likely more understanding of this personality flip. It is common for someone on the spectrum to have pretty dramatic shifts in moods or personality. The shift is usually just temporary because the individual is overloaded or stressed out about something.

During the conversation with several other houseguests, Memphis revealed he had nightmares about Ian. He poked fun at Ian’s self-soothing techniques. He admitted the thought of Ian rocking while standing over his bed gave him nightmares. Memphis admitted he would likely “kick him in the teeth” if it ever happened.

Now, Memphis is at the top of the hit list for Big Brother fans right now. A lot of the mocking and bullying came out of his mouth. But, that doesn’t mean he is alone in the blame. Fans believe everyone who was in the room laughing and engaging in the conversation is equally to blame. They, however, are starting to take issue with anyone who supports Memphis. Unfortunately, this means they are going after Dan Gheesling now too.

Dan Gheesling praises Memphis’ game, catches heat for it.

On September 6th, Dan Gheesling took to Twitter to praise Memphis Garrett for the game he was playing. He admitted he believed Memphis was in a great spot. And, he seemed to be supportive of the player. Many Big Brother fans are now replying to the tweet. They are taking issue with Dan’s praise of Memphis. Some admit that Dan supporting a bully has changed their perspective of him.



Some Big Brother fans attempt to defend the alum.

Not everyone came for Dan Gheesling. Some were quick to point out that Dan showed support for Memphis on Twitter BEFORE he mocked and bullied Ian on the live feed. Others noted that it wasn’t fair to take issue with the former houseguest because of something someone else said.

It, however, seems that want fans want is for Dan Gheesling to speak about the mocking and bullying. Because, to date, Dan Gheesling hasn’t posted anything about it. And, this is what fans are really having an issue with.


So, will Dan Gheesling continue to support Memphis Garrett? Will he speak on the bullying? Stick with us at Tv Shows Ace for the latest.

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