‘Big Brother’ Alum Andy Herren Doesn’t Think Ian Terry Wants The Internet Defending Him 

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Big Brother alum Andy Herren has been pretty vocal after live feed viewers overheard several houseguests poking fun Ian Terry for being autistic. And, as we previously reported, he’s not the only former Big Brother player to speak on the issue.

Andy Herren first called out the production team for not saying something.

It seems as if Andy Herren took some issue with the production team not calling some attention to the bullying. Whether he was serious or not, he noted the production team should have came over the speakers and told the houseguests to try being kind instead of poking fun at their fellow housemates.

“If production can tell houseguests to stop singing, they can tell houseguests to stop making fun of someone with autism,” he penned in a tweet.

He has recently addressed those defending Ian Terry all over the internet.

Andy Herren admits he isn’t sure how Ian Terry would feel about his name being all over the headlines. He suggested that Ian Terry is a “grown man” and doesn’t need the internet fighting his battles for him.

“Ian is a grown man who I actually think wouldn’t like people on the Internet defending him. He is strong and can fight his own battles.” He tweeted. Andy, however, was careful to clarify that this did not mean he thought what Memphis and the other houseguests did was alright. In fact, it broke his heart. Why? Well, because there are likely a lot of people with autism watching the show.

My issue with Memphis’s words/actions is that people with autism (including children) see sh** like that and it can easily cause pain.”

He also hopes the backlash doesn’t spiral out of control.

Fans of Big Brother are upset. They are lashing out at everyone they can lash out at on the internet right now. The problem? Andy Herren believes they are also attacking some people who did nothing to deserve it. He encouraged those lashing out to leave the friends and family of those involved out of the chaos.

What do his followers think about everything?

Andy Herren has just shy of 100,000 followers on Twitter. So, his tweets have been getting a fair amount of attention. Do they agree with the things he’s been saying?

Many agreed Andy was spot on with what he had to say about defending Ian. Most agreed Ian Terry was more than capable of defending himself. But, they were concerned and heartbroken for all of the members of the autism community watching the live feed at home.


A few, however, were a little concerned Andy was sending the wrong message in saying Ian Terry did not need to be defended. These individuals firmly believed people needed to be vocal about why the mocking and bullying was not appropriate.


So, how do you feel about what Andy Herren had to say about the bullying, mocking, and defending of Ian Terry? Share your thoughts and stick with us for the latest.

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