‘Alaskan Bush People’ Exclusive: Wolf Pack Salvages Old Cabin And Finds Treasure Maps

Wolf Pack

This week’s episode of Alaskan Bush People on Discovery, the Wolf Pack works hard dismantling an old cabin for scrap lumber and materials when a fortuitous find occurs as they work.

After the Pack gets inside the building and they start stripping the walls down and pulling up boards, Gabe and the gang that includes his siblings and Sofie, all work together to get what they need. Then a happy surprise for them as the map is found hidden inside the walls.

This old yellowed with age map looks to lead to treasure or something of value.  The kids are trying to determine if the map is indeed a treasure map, and if so where it will lead.

What happens on Alaskan Bush People?

After a rough entry where Gabe nearly loses his pants, the Wolf Pack starts peeling boards off the walls.

They reminisce about “old times” when they used to do this more often, and Gabe shares that it “feels really good to be back with everybody kind of letting loose and tearing something down.”

The cabin is structurally pretty sound still, and the team is busy when suddenly the interior walls yield a surprise.
A set of maps is found in the wall with dates and the name of the owner.

The survey maps are dated 1897 and 1899 and then it showed it was corrected in 1917 and then reprinted in 1950.  The Pack are divided on whether or not this is an actual treasure map.

They do agree the maps are valuable and should be preserved.

Why are the Brown kids the called the Wolf Pack?

In the video below, patriarch Billy Brown explained: “The first time the kids ever started howling like wolves, we were on a small piece of property, we were planning to build a cabin on, but all we had at the time was a blue tarp tent. As we sat there, one wolf howled on one side of us. A few seconds later, another wolf howled on the other side of us.”

He added: “Next time the wolves howled, they were a lot closer. I mean, a whole lot closer…they were literally howling all around us. And Mom and I both figured we were dead.” Billy explained the kids howled back at the wolves and somehow that created a dialogue with the pack, and the wolves left them alone.”

What else happens on ABP?

Also on the next episode, a life-threatening cold front approaches the mountain and the family prioritizes shelters for their livestock.

The task is quite difficult as it will require the siblings to make a risky journey to a neighboring mountain to salvage lumber.

It is in this journey to that old cabin with the hidden maps takes place.

Watch TV Shows Ace exclusive preview here as the Wolf Pack is in full hunt mode, and finds the documents that were hidden, but why?

Alaskan Bush People airs Sundays at 8PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel

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