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‘The 100’ Fans Are in Meltdown Mode After SHOCKING Episode (MAJOR Spoilers)

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This article includes MAJOR The 100 spoilers. Do not read if you haven’t seen the September 9 episode. 

The 100 fans stormed social media at the end of the latest episode. Not only were they angry about a MAJOR character’s death, they were angry at the show for spoiling them. For some reason, the Executive Producer of The 100 posted an ‘explanation’ on the show’s social media after the episode aired. Except MANY people had not seen the episode in question yet. 

Many people are eschewing cable and relying on streaming services. The 100 streams on Netflix, but Season 7 won’t debut for a few more months. So, fans are not happy with the gaffe of spoiling a major plot twist. 

Of course, spoilers abound on the internet. But shows typically don’t alienate fans by spoiling their own content! 

Fans SLAM The 100 Showrunner for Spoiling Them

Just a few hours after the latest episode aired, the showrunner took to social media with an explanation. One of the main characters was killed in the last few minutes of the episode. A fan favorite, at that!

The show’s EP, Jason Rothenberg, posted a lengthy missive about the “heart of the show.” He writes that the core of the show is about “survival.” In the text, he names the character killed and then thanks the actor for “the beautiful work” on the show.” 

Fans FLOODED the comment section with outrage over the spoilery post. Many pointed out that they hadn’t seen it yet. One fan suggested that they could have at least put a spoiler warning. Another fan vented that The 100 had yet to air on the West Coast. 

Credit: The 100 Instagram
Credit: The 100 Instagram

The Instagram post alone got hundreds of angry replies. One fan summed them all up with three words, “Go float yourself.” (The 100-speak for “Go f*ck yourself.”)

Credit: The 100 Instagram
Credit: The 100 Instagram

Social Media Meltdown Over Killed Off Character

While a ton of fans were angry on Instagram over the spoiler, other fans took to Twitter to lambast the twist.

SPOILER below! 

On the latest episode of The 100, Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley) is killed. For real this time. As fans know, Bellamy was missing for most of Season 7. The actor needed a break, so the show wrote him out of half of the season’s episodes. He returned just a few episodes ago, with the show explaining how he survived an explosion. 

However, it’s unlikely that he will survive last night’s episode. Clarke (Eliza Taylor) was the one holding the gun! She shot her “best friend” to keep Madi (Lola Flannery) safe from the Second Dawn cult. 

Of course, fans on Twitter are throwing out theories of how he could possibly survive. One fan surmises that Clarke could have been hallucinating. However, the EP’s statement solidifies that Bellamy is really dead this time. He didn’t release a statement after Bellamy “died” earlier in Season 7. 

Many fans are melting down in disbelief and anger. The NY Post notes that fans liken Season 7 of The 100 as “worse” than the Game of Thrones’  final season. One fan even joked that there was a “special place in hell” for the show’s writers. 

Just Three Episodes Left Before The 100 Ends For Good

Fans should really not be surprised that The 100 would kill off such an important character. The show has been unceremoniously killing off characters since the pilot episode. However, many fans thought for sure that Bellamy and Clarke would be safe from slaughter. In fact, many fans were rooting for a romantic pairing between Bellamy and Clarke, especially after their portrayers married in real life. 

While that is not going to happen now, a lot of other things can – and probably will – happen in the final three episodes of the show. Ever. Season 7 will be The 100’s final season. One of the earlier Season 7 episodes doubled as ‘backdoor pilot’ for a potential spin-off. The episode, “Anaconda” focused on how the Second Dawn cult managed to survive the nuclear blast. The spin-off would be the “origin story” of the post-apocalypse Earth seen in The 100. 

CW has yet to announce if the pilot will be picked up for a regular series. The coronavirus pandemic is likely the reason for the delay. 

Perhaps in the last 3 episodes, the show will finally answer: Where’s Gaia?? 

The 100 airs Wednesdays on the CW network. The entire series – up to Season 7 – can be streamed on Netflix, as well. Follow us on social media for all the latest TV news!

Statement from The 100 showrunner Jason Rothenberg:

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