Several ‘Big Brother’ Houseguests Mock & Bully Ian For Being Autistic

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Viewers at home learned the autism community was being represented during Big Brother 22. As we previously reported, Ian Terry confirmed to the other houseguests that he was autistic. He received some support from Kaysar Ridha at the time who revealed he was also on the spectrum. Kaysar, however, did clarify that he was self diagnosed as being autistic.

Big Brother can’t be easy for someone on the spectrum.

The game of Big Brother is largely a social one. And, even those who don’t know much about autism know that it can make it difficult for an individual to be social. So, one can only imagine how difficult being in the Big Brother household must be for someone on the spectrum.

Unfortunately, this might even be a little more difficult for Ian Terry now. Why? Well, it turns out some of his houseguests do not particularly enjoy being in the house with him. And, it appears as if there reasoning is for nothing more than because he has autism. Has Ian Terry become the victim of bullying?

Several houseguests bully and mock Ian Terry for being autistic.

According to TMZ, live feed viewers watched several Big Brother 22 houseguests mocking and making fun of Ian Terry.

Christmas Abbott, Dani Briones, Nicole Franzel, and Memphis Garrett were in on the conversation. They were very boldy mocking Ian’s self-soothing technique of rocking back and forth. The group agreed the behavior was a huge “turn off.” And, it sounded like they didn’t really want to keep him in the house because of how it made them feel.

Dani Briones revealed she has a difficult time even looking at Ian Terry. She admitted he is always moving around and it is distressing to her. Nicole Franzel agreed with her.

Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett joined the conversation. And, the bullying continued to esclate. Memphis was overheard referring to Ian Terry as the “red rum” of the Big Brother house.

All four of the houseguests broke into a fit of laughter after Memphis cracked a cruel joke of how he had nightmares of Ian rocking back and forth while standing over him while he slept.

Unfortunately, bullying is par for the course.

The unfortunate truth is this isn’t the first time we’ve seen bullying in the Big Brother household. We suspect these four houseguests are in for a pretty rude awakening when they exit the household though. As the things they said about Ian Terry and his autism were not well-received by those watching at home.

So, what do you think about these houseguests boldly deciding to mock and bully Ian Terry for being autistic? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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