‘OutDaughtered’ Star Adam Busby Is FURIOUS At The Media & Here’s Why

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OutDaughtered star Adam Busby took to his Instagram Stories recently to call out the media. The furious TLC star admitted he finds the media to be “infuriating.” Laughable. A joke. Why is the TLC star so upset with the media? Well, it has to do with Hurricane Laura. More specifically, he’s frustrated with the lack of media coverage regarding Hurricane Laura. As both Adam and Danielle Busby have documented, Hurricane Laura devastated Lake Charles. And, the media isn’t really reporting it. How can the people of Lake Charles get any help if no one documents the devastation?

Adam and Danielle Busby use their platform to help.

Adam Busby has 1.2 million followers on Instagram. Danielle Busby has 1.7 million followers. Their It’s a Buzz World account also has 1.2 million followers. The OutDaughtered couple have been using their platform to reach out for help on behalf of Lake Charles. And, their fans have responded. 

As we previously reported, Danielle Busby admitted she was overwhelmed by how much their fan base was helping. And, their fans? Well, they were just happy to see Adam and Danielle Busby using their platform to do something so meaningful. In the comments of one of Adam’s more recent Instagram posts, one fan thanked Adam and Danielle for “doing god’s work.”

Others have chimed into their posts on Instagram to agree that it was shameful the way the media was avoiding covering how badly Lake Charles was devastated by Hurricane Laura.

As they explained on their Instagram profiles, they are currently in week three of collecting donations to transport to the residents of Lake Charles. Trees and power lines are still down everywhere. Most of the area remains without power. Buildings, businesses, and houses completely destroyed.


Adam’s parents were lucky, but others were not.

Adam Busby admitted his parents were lucky. Their home did not sustain a lot of damage. But, the property was destroyed. There is debris everywhere. Tops of trees were snapped. So, there was a lot of clean-up that needed to be done. In fact, Adam shared on his profile that those asking how they could help that were nearby could help by assisting in clean-up. Adam and Danielle Busby have accepted the fact that cleaning up Lake Charles was going to take time.

Adam also revealed that he and a local photographer were teaming up. Teaming up to document life after Hurricane Laura in Lake Charles. Adam is hoping to get the story of the some of the people of Lake Charles into the public eye. He wants to spread the word because for some reason the media isn’t.


Here’s hoping Lake Charles continues to get the help they need to pick up the pieces. So, what do you think about the media’s lack of coverage on Hurricane Laura? Sound off in the comments down below.

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