Jill Duggar Jokes About Her Beverage Choices

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Recently, Jill Duggar Dillard got some attention after she drank a pina colada at a restaurant. Now, she’s making jokes about fans being so invested in her beverage choices.

Jill Duggar talks about her coffee order

In a new social media post on Thursday, Jill shares a photo of herself and her husband Derick Dillard sitting in the car. They’re holding up their drinks from the coffee shop. She talks about how she and Derick went on a morning coffee date.

Then, she writes, “🤷‍♀️Oh, and since it seems y’all are interested in my choice of drinks recently (lol recent post)…yes, this was a REGULAR coffee (I.e. full caf) white chocolate mocha with coconut milk. 😋

In her post, Jill refers to another recent post. In that post, she and Derick are celebrating Labor Day together. One of the photos is a selfie of Jill and Derick holding cans of Bubly. This is a type of flavored seltzer water. But, some fans assumed that the beverage is alcoholic. So, they asked Jill about it.

This comes after Jill admitted that she was drinking a regular pina colada at a restaurant. Duggar fans spotted the drink on the table and asked whether it was a virgin drink. Jill wasn’t afraid to tell the truth.


So, it seems like Jill realizes just how silly all the questions are about her drink choices. She isn’t afraid to make jokes about it, and fans seem to love it. They think she’s hilarious, and they are encouraging her to branch out even more.

Why do fans care if Jill drinks alcohol?

When Jill revealed that she was drinking an alcoholic pina colada at a restaurant, fans freaked out. This is because the Duggar family doesn’t drink alcohol. Until now, it didn’t seem like anyone in the family drank. As TV Shows Ace reports, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo were spotted drinking alcohol at a restaurant in Los Angeles, California. But, this is the first time that a Duggar has been open about drinking alcohol.

While some fans dislike the “new Jill,” who drinks alcohol and sends her son to public school, most of her followers are happy for her. They think that it’s great that she’s figuring out who she is. Plus, they point out that she’s doing totally normal things. So, overall, the response seems to be positive.

So, what do you think of Jill’s joke on her recent Instagram post? Share your thoughts below.

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