Hallmark’s ‘Christmas Waltz’ Stars Lacey Chabert, Will Kemp, Directed By ‘YR’ Alum

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There is a lot of buzz coming out of Vancouver over the upcoming Hallmark Christmas extravaganza, Christmas Waltz. This movie stars Lacey Chabert (Christmas In Rome) and Will Kemp (Royal Matchmaker). In the director’s chair is Young and the Restless alum, Michael Damian.

What do we know about this new Countdown to Christmas 2020 movie?

Are You Ready For Christmas Waltz?

Hallmark’s 2020 Countdown to Christmas will include 40 new movies. But, one of the the most highly anticipated movies is Christmas Waltz. It stars perennial favorite Lacey Chabert, who is reunited with her Love, Romance & Chocolate costar, Will Kemp.

No, this is not a sequel to this 2019 Hallmark movie. Christmas Waltz is about Avery (Chabert), whose wedding is unexpectedly canceled. It is dance instructor Roman (Kemp) who is there as her life changes, and she can dream once again.

Young And The Restless Alum Michael Damian Directing Hallmark’s Christmas Waltz 

Fans of Y&R may be interested to know that Genoa City’s own Danny Romalotti is directing the biggest Christmas movie of 2020. Of course, that is Michael Damian’s stage name. The multi-talented singer-actor is also a screenwriter and in this case, a director.


Lacey Chabert Does Her Own Mean Girls Instagram Fun

The actors on the set of the new Hallmark movie, Christmas Waltz, seem to be having more than a little fun. They have shared a lot of photos on their personal Instagram pages. This includes Lacey Chabert’s Mean Girls-themed post. She wrote “You can’t sit with us @Iamwillkemp.”

Will’s reaction is pretty funny. Even though Lacey and wardrobe curator Rachel Zaharik are wearing masks, there is no doubt that they are smiling and laughing at his expression!

Hallmark’s Christmas Waltz Has Incredible Choreographer

One of the biggest names in Hallmark’s Christmas Waltz is Jean-Marc Généreux. He is choreographing this spectacular movie. Many may know Généreux from So You Think You Can Dance, from 2005-10, or as Mr. Menard in Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Normally, Hallmark spends about two weeks filming, but Lacey and Will spent a great deal of time working with the fantastic choreographer. He shared an Instagram photo of the three of them, all wearing masks, and working on an elaborate waltz. The French-Canadian wrote, “Today I had the most wonderful day!!!” 

That has to be a really good sign. He seems incredibly pleased with Lacey and Will’s practice sessions. Then again, he has one professional dancer in this duo. Everyone knows Will Kemp’s impressive filmography, including Reign, Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce and Spinning Out. Will Kemp is a classically trained ballet dancer.

Moreover, Lacey Chabert looks like she is right there, at the same level as her costar and making her choreographer quite happy.

Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas starts on October 23. They have not yet announced the Christmas Waltz premiere date.

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