‘Big Brother’ Fans Urge CBS To Address Bullying Of Ian Terry

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Big Brother fans are urging CBS to do something about the current bullying in the household.

We learned last month that Ian Terry was autistic. And, the autism community was thrilled to have someone representing them in the Big Brother household. But, things aren’t easy for Ian right now. And, it isn’t just because it can be difficult for someone on the spectrum to be in a social game. Ian is being bullied and mocked by several of his houseguests. And fans of the CBS series are NOT here for it.

Christmas Abbott, Dani Briones, Nicole Franzel, and Memphis Garrett mock Ian

Christmas, Dani, Nicole, and Memphis have made it clear they have no experience with someone on the spectrum. And, they claim being around Ian makes them uncomfortable. As we previously reported, the four houseguests cracked jokes about Ian giving them nightmares with his self-soothing techniques.

The viewers at home are NOT here for the bullying and mocking of Ian Terry. And, they are demanding the network do something about it. In fact, they’ve proceeded to flood the Big Brother official Instagram account’s most recent post.

It quickly became clear that no one was interested in discussing anything other than the bullying of Ian Terry. More specifically, they wanted to know what the network was doing about it.

Big Brother fans call for CBS to step in and deal with the bullying problem.

Some Big Brother fans have suggested CBS needs to seriously consider cutting ties with Christmas Abbott, Dani Briones, Nicole Franzel, and Memphis Garrett. Viewers are FURIOUS the network isn’t stepping in to protect Ian and to speak up for the autism community. In fact, here’s some of what fans are saying.

  • “Actually… what I’m really ready for is for BB to cut ties with Memphis, Christmas, Nicole, and Dani for their reprehensible comments and behavior relative to Ian’s autism and specifically, his self soothing technique of rocking. Truly sick that ‘adults’ feel the need to mock and bully in such a fashion.”
  • “Am I ready for CBS to release a statement about not tolerating bullying and threats of violence towards a houseguest who is Autistic and then let houseguests who decides to mock or threaten to be evicted and fired? We ready CBS, we ready!”
  • “Y’all just going to act like they didn’t make fun of Ian.”
  • “Please remove anyone who makes fun of others because of their Disabilities!”
  • “Tell the houseguests that making fun of autism is NOT okay. This is ridiculous!”

Only time will tell if the network decides to address or do anything about the bullying and mocking of someone with a disability. But, fans of Big Brother have made it clear they are ready to go down swinging for Ian Terry.


Do you think CBS will address the bullying and mocking? Sound off in the comments.

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